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Psychic Input Jemez Springs - Los Alamos All psychically related notes referencing Los Alamos burials/deaths in this section: Low xxxWeakxxx------- High -----Absolutely Certain After this morning’s earlier entries for March 2, a few more things came up on Jemez Springs, New Mexico. A detective who might have come to the area investigating something, maybe mysterious disappearances or deaths. My guess is this is way back in the 1950s. I feel he might have been killed and not found. However, other material was coming up for an earlier era around that area this morning, so there could be an overlap, making the year for this detective’s disappearance questionable. I also was getting something strange about a possible overseas island during a war era, perhaps as early as WWI, but we can also consider WWII. Maybe Pacific region. Something brought in, or people brought into the general area. Also Los Alamos and possible government black box programs came up, like experiments on children or adults from the convents. CIA as related to a priest or priests came up from an earlier era, like 1950s. Something uncomfortable about chicken (food) or chickens (like for sacrifices) came up; almost felt an odd link between chicken and genetics in humans, or people using chickens like in the occult to put spells on people. Felt something around a basement or near windows from the outside, near the ground, as they look down into a basement. Like a burial. Also a feeling of a vial (like for holy water) or hidden in a cavity in a cross filled with a drug to drug victims to sleep came up as a possibility. Also maybe the use of a cross worn around the neck to help mesmerize victims (hypnosis). The sense of kniving or a butcher knife came up stronger than bullets. Also a sense of of pueblo-Native American-Catholic links with a shaman/priest maybe involved in killing people who come sniffing around, like that detective mentioned above. In this regard, the person dong the killing has a strong Native American connection, but is influenced by the occult brought in by the Spanish, there might be some of it brought up with mixed Spanish lead groups from Mexico or further south. Some of this occult material could go back a long ways, in other words. There could be a history of deaths from that lineage of elders. Chickens or turkeys being killed or used in ritual magic could be part of that. Feathers come up, bird’s claws, scales, etc. It is possible the spirit of the birds’ ugly deaths in such a manner could be presenting itself to me as revelation and warning although it is just an uncomfortable suspicion at this point, I am not psychically seeing anything tangible to give it a “high” rating on the psychic scale. There might be more than one kind of death around the general area, in other words, over a period of many years. My suspicion is that the American government started getting into black box projects around the 1930s and some of it might have taken place in New Mexico. 03/01/2017 Jemez Springs area possible priest related murders and hidden burials: Medium Weak-------xxxMediumxxx------- High ----- Absolutely Certain Have also had repeated sustained feeling about hidden priest abuse related murders and burials in the general Jemez Springs area, associated with Jemez Springs, one might be a bell-holding altar boy of no more than twelve (although that might sound stereotypical of priest scandals). I started picking up something along these general lines when going over the Linda Daniels case earlier. I was picking up a possible cult associated with Jemez Mtns area somewhat in the general area where Linda Daniels was found, a cult which might have extended into Albuquerque. She was found shot under a bridge near a culvert in the Jemez Mtns area. We are told she was shot and killed there. These feelings were strong enough I went to the Internet in the past few days looking for more info on Jemez Springs murders and burials (so far found one priest was killed). I was researching more about Jemez Springs also because Shane Harger came up in the past few days, and he was a police chief in Jemez Springs around the time of his problems there. Jemez Springs is off the 4 off Hwy 550, within two hours of driving time going north from Albuquerque. The sense of burials and certain kinds of death associated with that has been coming up for me since around the early 2000s. I get a sense of psychically related decay odor, which is a kind of taste-feel-know thing. I get an image of hidden burials. I see the image of a boy in a white gown carrying a bell and a priest around him. I sense one burial is newer than the others and that the burials are linked, perhaps to only one male. It does seem to be a priest thing. How fresh that latest burial is I cannot say but that is the one I get the odor-taste-feel-see thing on the most. I am feeling it is further out in the country but we can ask if they are being buried in an old historic burial ground. Where exactly is weak. That something is up on this issue is Medium to High. I cannot give you particulars - no distinguishing material at this point to get a better target on who or where. I started to say I suspect the killer is Mexican American, with a historic link to the area but it could just be I am picking up his energy around the boy which might or might not represent that he is the killer. This energy is orderly, repetitive in terms of rules and tradition, kind of a quiet energy. I don’t see him actually doing anything to the boy, so maybe someone else is involved, but this man had something to do with the boy’s role in the church. We need to ask if there were missing people, especially children, in that area over a long range of time. It is possible some people were brought in, not local, however. I do feel more than one victim over the years, the other burials don’t seem as fresh, but again, I cannot tell you how fresh the latest one is. Past year? Two years? Three years? Decay would probably be highest in first year, giving off a decay vibe, my guess. However the imagery might represent “more modern times” in general. Shane Harger As far as Harger goes, here are some weak fleeting images: his hiding something under a mattress, possibly a small amount of drugs; his looking at something in a trunk; seeing the young woman tied to a chair and possibly beaten; I am not sure if he did it or if he was helping her hide something. Notes: There are several photos of this man on the internet in articles and as flash boxes coming up after a google search entry. Different photos show different things on a psychic level. Different energies and images come up with different photos. This man looks almost completely different in at least two different photos. Realizing a prison mug shot never makes a person look good, one of those photos makes him look like a thug. One that shows up in articles trying to present his integrity shows him looking like a more honest person. In the prison mug shot, I sense that while the allegations might be true, he himself feels beaten up, I sense he has been possibly abused. He looks tired or on drugs/alcohol, he looks not together or out of sorts. In the photo in which he looks more alert and together, and when he is older, I sensed a gunshot in his auric field with a sense of horror both around that gunshot time and also before that. It even made me wonder if he himself was the victim, whether he was still alive, the sensation was so strong. However I was first feeling it was something he had witnessed. I started working on this Harger issue simply by adding names related to police corruption to the website on an ongoing manner, as I look for or run across them. I usually don’t spend too much time with the first entry, planning on going back each time to cover the person in more detail later. Sometimes an entry that I add first is not the most current and not the worse case for that person. For example, my first entry on Eiskant was that he had been caught masturbating fantasizing about a woman or women in his patrol car. It turned out later when I looked back in on him that there were several increasingly serious issues around him, including a major lawsuit. Similarly, my first entry for Harger was an article depicting him as a possible victim of retaliation by police people because he went to a constitutionally based forum for police conduct n Las Vegas, Nevada. After going back to his situation a day later, I ran into more news coverage which shows he had a history of misconduct previously in Taos before he left and eventually went to Jemez Springs. Some of his photos depict something squirrelly going on, whereas another photo usually shown where he was a possible victim of internal systems wide retaliation does in fact show something in his energy field where he might have been a victim. I sense someone Hispanic who might be involved in some of the abuses around him. He looks like a white with possible Hispanic mix; I do sense Hispanic energy around his space. 03/02/2017: Shane Harger: Psychic feeling: He might have had a connection to gambling.