ON THIS PAGE - 2017-2 1-Jemez Springs Catholic Priest Sex Abuse Crimes 2- Los Alamos Brief History 3-Ex-Jemez Springs Police Chief Shane Harger 4-Psychic Input 03/01-04/2017: on article by Ben Radford (skeptic) -issues incl. Albuq W. Mesa serial killing burials, area Catholic priest peds/possible killing - blog by someone who used psychic in Albuq. 1-Jemez Springs Area Catholic Priest Sex Abuse Crimes updates 02/27/2017, 02/28/2017, 03/01/2017, 03/02/2017 Section includes these topics: Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse Shane Harger Nearby Los Alamos Brief HIstory/Background Priest Sexual Abuse, Priest Related Material in Jemez Springs Area Comment 03/02/2017: In discussing the Jemez Springs area Catholic Priest Abuses, keep in mind the connections to and from there to other areas, including, but not limited to, parishes* and other Catholic related facilities in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, Cuba, nearby Native American pueblos as well as the fact troubled and criminalistic priests from all over the country were sent there. Consider also old historic and religious ties to Spain and Italy, with a sense of pride over an old royalty history to Spain. *I originally misspelled this “perish” with a subconscious link to perishing of purity by sexual exploit or death by priests, including the tendency to cover up secrets: Priests of Perishes. In going over police abuses and scandals in New Mexico, we need to keep the wide scale, decades ol Catholic sexual abuse problems at th top of mind awareness, because the two problems can be linked. Families involved in Catholic abuses and cover-ups can be people in all walks of life, but we need to consider government and police networks as part of the problem in New Mexico, with abuse-ridden Catholicism among both Hispanic and non-Hispanic people possible. New Mexico is one of those states in which various races and cultures tend to have long-term family histories and networks, sometimes more concentrated in local areas, sometimes across various parts of the state. A couple of issues to keep in mind about certain Catholics is the tendency to deny various types of truth despite strong proof or indicators otherwise. Another issue is defiance, the tendency to continue to exert authority and to demand obedience to the Church and its principles despite a terrible legacy of abuse, exploitation and cover-ups. There are still Catholics going around telling other people how to live and which choices in life are the better choices. There are still priests who insist they are the God-appointed link between God and the people. Shane Harger is included with Jemez Springs material because his issues might be linked to the general area tendencies and corruption, including Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. The link to Arizona through the constitutional police organization he met with in Las Vegas, Nevada might have linked him to both good guys and bad guys in Arizona police systems. We need to keep in mind a corrupt mafia type of network in Arizona working in its own way in that state, but with ties to New Mexico. As a psychic person reaching out to investigators and psychic helpers, I seem to be getting increasing levels of psychic feelings and visions around the Jemez Springs area as well as areas related to it, as if there is a type of enhanced resonance with its particular issues. Among these psychic feelings (which might be getting more detail because helpers are looking into the issue at my request - see Helpers section in Personal Notes) is a sense of possible murders and burials in the area - possibly killed children who had been abused and were killed, but we also need to consider retaliation against priests by victims. Some of this does feel like possible serial killing across several years by one killer, but what also comes up is the possibility that some people knew of past killings and burials, and were adding to that, doing something similar and burying victims in the same or nearby areas because of that knowledge or awareness. Jemez Springs is a high psychic energy space for me personally. Some of the stronger psychic links are to Santa Fe and the old history in the state between the two areas. Jemez Springs - Catholic Priest sexual abuse 45 to 50 priests, 100 complainants Bishop Accountability/Philadelphia Inquirer: Sex-Abuse Suits Jolt New Mexico Archdiocese http://www.bishop-accountability.org/news3/1994_01_17_Henson_SexAbuse_Arthur_Perrault_ETC_1.htm Excerpt from Bishop Accountability per Philadelphia Inquirer. By Rich Henson (01/17/1994) For three decades, the Catholic Church sent priests who had been accused of molesting children to this corner of New Mexico. They were counseled at a treatment center tucked discreetly in the Jemez Mountains. Once released, many of these priests stayed in the area, serving in local parishes. Now a proliferation of sex-abuse charges has jarred the spiritual core of this traditional Catholic community, spurring so many lawsuits that they threaten to bankrupt the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. So far, more than 100 complainants have asked for $50 million from the archdiocese. Church officials acknowledge that complaints have been filed against 45 to 50 priests for alleged sexual abuse of children and adolescents in the archdiocese over the last 30 years. The complaints occurred both in urban parishes of the state's larger cities, and at rural missions scattered on ponderosa-covered mountains and sun- baked mesas of New Mexico's rugged countryside. Several of the suits contend that the archdiocese, which covers two-thirds of New Mexico and has 300,000 faithful, kept silent while allegations of sexual abuse were tucked away in file cabinets. The complaints included everything from an unwanted kiss, to fondling, to oral sex, to sodomy. http://www.bishop-accountability.org/news3/1994_01_17_Henson_SexAbuse_Arthur_Perrault_ETC_1.htm Priest Michael Baker Bishop Accountability/Los Angeles New Times Camp Ped (Pedophile). By Ron Russell. (08/15/2002) http://www.bishop-accountability.org/news/2002_08_15_Russell_CampPed.htm Ref: http://bcsd.freeservers.com/C/sex/081802_cardinal_roger_mahony.htm Excerpt from Bishop Accountability 2002: Long after Roman Catholic leaders knew pedo-priests couldn't be cured, Cardinal Roger Mahony kept packing off his worst offenders to a notorious New Mexico rehab center. To know Father Michael Baker was to love him. Handsome, articulate and charismatic, he practically oozed trust. The parents of altar boys adored him for the special attention he gave their sons. Of course, they had no idea how special. The boys Baker zeroed in on also adored him. Unfortunately, he couldn't resist manipulating them for sex. In December 1986, after deciding to confess some of his sexual sins, his secret weakness was about to cost him big-time. Or so he thought. Baker didn't turn himself in to just anyone. He went straight to Roger Mahony, then as now the titular head of the nation's largest Roman Catholic archdiocese, fully expecting to be drummed out of the priesthood after confessing to having had sex with "two or three" of his altar boys. There had apparently been others. http://www.bishop-accountability.org/news/2002_08_15_Russell_CampPed.htm Murdered priest Michael Mack. Killed at Jemez Spring compound 12/07/2001. Murderer Steven Degraff says because priest tried to rape him. Arizona Daily Sun: By Heather Clark (01/04/2002) http://azdailysun.com/cook-arrested-in-n-m-priest-s-slaying/article_5fab04fb-9d64-5dd0-ae13-d21c1e0aeb6f.html Excerpt from Arizona Daily Sun (2002): A short-order cook jailed on charges of fatally stabbing and beating a priest was exactly the sort of person the Rev. Michael Mack would have tried to help. Steven A. Degraff, 33, already jailed on an unrelated crime, confessed to Sandoval County sheriff's deputies that he killed Mack, 59, court records said. Degraff had served time in four other states. "He tried to rape me," Degraff said during his arraignment Friday morning. He said the alleged attempted rape occurred in December. Degraff, who appeared in court in arm and leg irons, pleaded innocent before Magistrate Margaret Cassidy Baca and remained jailed under $1 million bond on charges of murder, kidnapping, robbery, aggravated burglary, stealing a vehicle, criminal damage to property and six counts of tampering with evidence. http://azdailysun.com/cook-arrested-in-n-m-priest-s-slaying/article_5fab04fb-9d64-5dd0-ae13-d21c1e0aeb6f.html Priest’s body (Rev. Armando Martinez) found in Jemez Mountains Bishop Accountability: Ex Con Armando Martinez (1997) http://www.bishop-accountability.org/news3/1997_05_07_Duque_ExCon_Armando_Martinez_3.htm Excerpt from Bishop Accountability (1997): The priest's body was discovered Sunday along N.M. 4 near the Valle Grande area in the Jemez Mountains. The state Office of the Medical Investigator today said the cause of death was "blunt force injuries of the head and the manner was homicide." Authorities said Martinez was not shot. His body was found Monday about 10 feet from N.M. 4 near the Valle Grande in the Jemez Mountains, about 10 miles west of Los Alamos. http://www.bishop-accountability.org/news3/1997_05_07_Duque_ExCon_Armando_Martinez_3.htm Related links: List of priests accused of sex abuse http://helenair.com/news/local/list-of-priests-accused-of-sex-abuse-includes-believed-to/article_fdc79818-6a99-5650-8c8b- 50fa5db15950.html Brief historical material on Jemez Springs, including old churches http://www.rozylowicz.com/retirement/jemez/jemez.html Catholic Leaders wary of film others welcome spotlight on sex abuse http://www.santafenewmexican.com/life/features/catholic-leaders-wary-of-film-others-welcome-spotlight-on- sex/article_69141f59-7506-507b-bb09-430100540650.html Jemez Springs Catholic Cemeteries http://roadsidethoughts.com/nm/cemeteries/jemez-springs-catholic-cemetery-xx-sandoval-profile.htm 2-Los Alamos Updates 03/02/2017 We should look into when Los Alamos started up as a governmental research location: (See Los Alamos related links below) Los Alamos is not that far from either Santa Fe or Jemez Springs. The presidents after Eisenhower should be held in suspicion; things were shifting, I believe, during Ike’s time - he made note of it and gave warnings. I do psychically sense the possibility of black box experiments and at least one and maybe more priests involved in CIA types of projects. I also picked up a possible burial near a railroad track; I did not know or remember that Los Alamos had a railroad, but in reading the history of Los Alamos it sure did for example, people during the Manhattan Project would use the train to go to Lamy to get to Santa Fe. “The narrow-gauge railroad would not be completely abandoned until the early 1940s, although by then trucking had greatly reduced the importance of rail traffic.” (see Independent link above) Whether tracks are still visible or how long they were visible in the area, I don’t know. I sensed a death and/or burial near tracks, possibly near an old building associated with the railroad “Santa Fe was the first stop for many scientists, engineers, Women's Army Corps, military police and all others assigned to work on the top-secret project at Los Alamos. Ten miles from Santa Fe, Lamy is the nearest stop on the former Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. Young men and women assigned to work at Los Alamos arrived not knowing where they were or where they were going” (from Atomic Heritage, below) Jemez Springs was originally considered along with Otawi (Los Alamos Boy’s Ranch School for outdoor education, health, self-confidence), etc, with Otawi and the Ranch School becoming the preferred spot; notice the conscious link between the two areas in the early 1940s when Los Alamos was in its infancy planning stages. Los Alamos and area related links https://www.abqjournal.com/281697/atomic-bomb-has-italian-family-new-mexican-roots.html http://www.ladailypost.com/content/author-los-alamos-roots-speaks-library-saturday https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chili_Line http://www.atomicheritage.org/location/los-alamos-nm 3-Shane Harger Updates 02/27/2017 - 03/02/2017 Former Taos Police Dept. officer charged with rape A former Taos Police Department officer who left the agency following numerous allegations of misconduct was arrested Thursday (Aug. 7) on charges of raping a 19-year-old woman in Sandoval County. http://www.taosnews.com/stories/former-taos-police-dept-officer-charged-with-rape,36677 New Mexico Police Chief Fired Likely Because He Attended Constitutional Rights Gathering http://www.publiusforum.com/2014/03/30/new-mexico-police-chief-fired-likely-attended-constitutional-rights-gathering/ Albuquerque Journal: Details Emerge in Police Chief Rape Case. By Maggie Shepard (09/30/2015) Excerpt 09/2015: The rape case against former Jemez Police Chief Shane Harger has been dismissed, but a special prosecutor plans to refile charges. The effort to dismiss the case reveals details of the January 2013 night Harger is accused of raping a 19-year-old Los Alamos woman traveling through his jurisdiction in Jemez. The dismissing court documents also show mistakes made by the 13th District Court prosecutors in pursuing the August 2014 indictment of Harger. Before being charged in the rape case, Harger had a role in a web of at least three law enforcement scandals, earning him a spot as a darling among anti-federal government groups who say the federal government is targeting him for participating in a meeting of sheriff’s who vow to strictly follow the federal constitution and who oppose federal overreach. Harger was charged with criminal sexual contact and penetration, kidnapping and extortion, but little detail was initially released about what prompted the charges. But details of the night were made public in court filing by Harger’s defense attorneys Ray Twohig and Lisa Torraco. They show prosecutors allege Harger was using a confidential drug informant who told him a vehicle heading into his village of Jemez had heroin in it. Harger and one other officer stopped the vehicle after they said it was speeding and brought all four occupants out at gunpoint. The documents say Harger eventually found a very small amount of heroin in the vehicle. A woman in the vehicle later told investigators that Harger said because there were no female officers on the Jemez force available, he would have to search her. He took her into the Jemez police office, had her privately strip down in the bathroom, cough several times and then redress. He then looked for items on the bathroom floor before returning her to the scene of the arrest. WEB OF SCANDALS Harger surfaces in at least three law enforcement scandals in New Mexico in the last eight years. In 2007, Harger, then a Valencia County sheriff’s deputy, was the first responder to the death of Tera Chavez, then wife of an Albuquerque police officer. That officer, Levi Chavez, said she killed herself, but Harger reported he thought it was not a suicide. Chavez was eventually put on trial for her murder. He was acquitted and is now attending law school at the University of New Mexico. Shortly after responding to Tera Chavez’s death, he was offered a job the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Department. There, he told the Journal in 2011, that he uncovered a police-run auto-theft ring but was told he’d keep his job if he kept it quiet and didn’t cause trouble for Levi Chavez in his wife’s death investigation. Harger left the post in 2008 in fear for his and his family’s safety. Harger then went on to get a job as the police chief in Jemez. In January 2014, the Transportation Safety Administration stopped Harger at the Albuquerque Sunport because he had at least two driver’s licenses with two different names. At the time, he told TSA and airport police he was in law enforcement and had worked undercover at times and the IDs were from that time, in addition to having a second ID because he had been involved in an investigation that had endangered him and his family. He was fired one month after the TSA incident, though the Jemez Springs Village Council said the firing was not related to the TSA incident or the double driver’s licences but would not comment further. BUNDY RANCH The TSA incident happened while Harger was on his way to a meeting for the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, a group of law enforcement officers who vow to strictly follow the federal constitution in preventing federal overreach into citizens’ lives. Shortly after the TSA incident and subsequent firing, strict constitutionalist activists sought Harger for interviews, some calling him a “target of tyranny” and targeted for his political beliefs. In the time since then, Harger has appeared in at least four interviews with activists, including Alex Jones of infowars.com, a radio and internet broadcast from a constitutionalist and conservative libertarian perspective. Harger also travelled to the Bundy Ranch incident in Nevada in 2014 in which groups of people, many of them armed, gathered to support, and some say protect, Cliven Bundy against action by the federal Bureau of Land Management trying to get Bundy to pay grazing fees or face confiscation of his cattle. https://www.abqjournal.com/651228/details-emerge-in-police-chief-rape-case.html 2017-8 Added notes on psychic input 03/03/2017, 03/04/2017, 03/05/2017 Why it is good to be skeptical about psychics: in Ben Radford’s article below, there is an excellent perspective on the lack of detail often associated with psychic work. It also relates to the two subjects at hand, my psychic intuition about possible serial and/or numbers of killings and hidden burials in association with the Jemez Springs corrupt Catholic priest issues, and a possible serial killing/ large burial site in nearby Albuquerque.   Center For Inquiry: Unsolved serial killings haunt New Mexico: Where are the Psychics? By Ben Radford (04/22/2009) http://www.centerforinquiry.net/blogs/entry/unsolved_serial_killings_haunt_nm_where_are_the_psychics/ Excerpt from Article: As writer Sarah Netter noted in the Feb. 17 Albuquerque Journal “It seems that there may be a dozen or more victims of a serial killer whose bodies were buried in a vacant lot on the West Mesa,dating back at least several years.The bodies were found by chance, starting with one bone sticking out of the dirt…The bones were believed to have been unearthed by excavation work in the area.” At last count, the remains of eleven people have been found at what Police Chief Ray Shultz describes as one of the largest crime scenes in New Mexico. [*See articles on West Mesa Murders below] Excerpt from Article: It’s a horrifying story that brings up a curious issue. There are hundreds of psychic detectives across the country who claim to locate missing persons and solve crimes for police. I’d guess that there are dozens of psychics in Albuquerque who, if they have the abilities they claim, could do the same. Yet Albuquerque has about 25 open cases of missing adults, and hundreds of unsolved homicides dating back decades. It’s a fair question to ask: Why haven’t any psychics helped locate missing persons, bring their killers to justice, or save lives by stopping serial killers before they could kill again? Why are police forensic teams and the Office of the Medical Investigator spending weeks identifying bodies on the West Mesa when gifted psychics could presumably do it in hours? Why are the remains of these victims being discovered only now   —   by accident   —   instead of years ago by psychic-led search teams? Excerpt from Blog at end of article: Benjamin, thank-you so much for your article.  I too am from Albuquerque and I had been thinking about the same thing.  I happen to be one who at one time did not believe in psychics, due to the fact the Catholic Church said Psychics were of the devil.  I, however, in these past years have come to believe that this ability, this “gift” does exist.  This past year, after years of questioning what really caused my 9 year-old brother to drown in the river in 1957, I inquired the help of a local, well known, psychic/medium, Melissa Frei, who is helping solve cold cases, if she had any info on my brother.  She not only revealed the facts of my brothers death/murder by a local priest, but also showed me the location by the river where this took place.  I encourage people to seek a psychic/medium’s help, if all else has falied.  I believe their gift is there to help us find closures, find answers, find the truth that has been lurking within us.  Thank you so much. Other blogs back and forthing on this issue: #2 DoctorAtlantis (Guest) on Friday May 01, 2009 at 9:14am Shininglight - you’re saying that Melissa told you that your brother was murdered by a priest?  What’s her evidence for this? Did she name the priest and did you follow up with the church to find out where this priest was at the time of the death of your brother?  And more importantly is this guy still alive to answer the “psychic’s” charges? Melissa is getting $6 a minute to give Internet readings so I’d expect a lot of hard facts for that kind of cash. I’m sorry about your brother and I’m sure you want answers - but how do you KNOW that what she’s telling you is the real answer? #3 shininglight on Saturday May 02, 2009 at 11:19am My family knew the priest.  He was our parish priest.  After my brother’s death, the priest just about took over our family, he became OUR GODFATHER, in charge of large hispanic family of (at the time)10. He had already been abusing one of my older brothers and continued with the next brother, who in fact was the one who died.  He by the way continued to abuse 3 more brothers and including myself.  He had also been abusing other boys, including the other boy who was found dead in the river, the same day my brother was found.  You asked have I investigated.  First of all,Yes,Melissa came out with the name:  Father Richard Spellman, this was his name. What I found out is that this priest had been transferred to our parish in NMex. after he had been exposed abusing boys in Chicago.  In our parish, he was in charge of the Altar Boys, the Boys Scouts/Cub Scouts, and the all boys Baseball Team.  In 1966, he was confronted by the Archdiocese regarding some complaints by parents, at the parish school, of his abuse of their kids.  He was given an ultimatum:  He opted to leave the priesthood.  The Priest is now dead and has been since 1989.  What I’ve been told is that because my parents are both deceased, we the rest of the family can not inquire information from the church.  But regardless, I have continued to investigate.  Because, yes, I want more physical proof. I don’t know where you got the info about Melissa charging $6.00 a min. because that is not true.  She has a website:  mediummelissa.com or soulsjourneyradio.com.  You can also check on:  youtube.com. Enter: Psyhcic investigates cold case. We did not do this over the internet, I met her at a conference I went to, where she was giving a talk and doing some readings for others.  I went to her office and had a reading, not ever mentioning my brother, nor anything about him, and he came thru.  Then the info begin coming thru.  I at a later time asked her to take me to the location where he died.  She first stopped at the church and went step by step to the location at the river. Now this a woman not familiar with the westside of Albuquerque, much less the Church we grew up in, she’s not catholic.  She had never been to the river, either.  She went to the exact areas that were described in the 1957 newspaper.  Instead of going south, which is the direction my dad had always said the search team had gone, Melissa went North, and stopped in a secluded area of the river.  I must let you know, in July of 1957, Father Spellman lead the search party south of this area.  He had opted to lead the search for my brother.  Melissa came out with lots of info that only we the family had known.  You may not be a believer in this, and I don’t ask you to be.  All I have to say is that God has given everyone different gifts, to be used to help others move forward.  We have to use discernment, our gut feeling, as to the person (psychic) whether or not the info coming thru is in fact true or just a means of taking advantage of someone.  There are those that cannot be trusted.  When the info comes thru, our work is to investigate it and find physical proof.  Melissa, is one that I can truly say, has a genuine gift of mediumship, not only because she has helped me, but seeing how many other people she has helped in moving forward in grief. If you’d like to know more of the story I can be reached at:  505-293-1466 Thanks for your inquiry. http://www.centerforinquiry.net/blogs/entry/unsolved_serial_killings_haunt_nm_where_are_the_psychics/ *West Mesa Murders, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque Journal: West Mesa Murders Seven Years Later. By Nicole Perez and Robert Browman (02/01/2016) https://www.abqjournal.com/715705/west-mesa-murders-seven-years-later.html West Mesa Murder Victims - An In-Depth Report https://www.abqjournal.com/community-data/west-mesa-murder-victims KRQE: West Mesa Murder Mystery gets renewed attention. By Aaron Drawhorn (12/12/2016) http://krqe.com/2016/12/14/west-mesa-murder-mystery-gets-renewed-national-attention/ Input on psychic skeptic’s article from Center for Inquiry I found ithe article looking up serial killings and disappearing persons in New Mexico because I had the psychic intuition about possible serial killings associated with Jemez Springs Catholic priest peds. I was not looking for anything psychic but was looking for mass burials or serial killings doing a Google search. This article came up and happens to include Catholic priest pedophile material as well in the Blogs section at the end of the article. The article is important because it hones in on the issues. Ben Radford asks a valid question: with the need for real answers about things like serial killings, why aren’t more psychics coming forward with hard core data to answer questions that most of us want answers for. He also appropriately covers the often high cost of readings, especially the per minute rates on psychic phone hot lines. I am in agreement with this man’s perspective on the psychic thing. I understand where he is coming from and I agree that much of the time real answers with really detailed data are missing from psychics - including from me. However, I have some added points to make. Some of it is repetitive in that I have already covered most of it on this website. Before we go on, we need to read the blog reply to his article about a person who went to a psychic about a brother’s death who seemed to have real answers. The case involves priest pedophilia of several family members and more. New Mexico, with its strong numbers of Native Americans and Mexican Americans, seems to have areas which are more open to the paranormal, largely because of cultural roots. Whites living in the state seem to be in two camps, those that are more open-minded and those that are more conservative. Comparing some of my abilities to better quality ideal psychic work Clarity of focus on details would be ideal because it will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that something is happening psychically. The skeptic will rightly say, well, but there is no proof, only YOUR word for it that it happened in YOUR life. True! It is not good enough to have one person’s word for it. In my own situation, I am telling you, I don’t have proof, but in my own life, things have proven true for ME. The skeptic will say, well, it could have been just your imagination, or just a coincidence. I cannot deny that without proof, it’s my word against someone else’s. This is where intuition and psychic ability can help, because another psychic can tune into that space and figure it out. There is no reason for people to rely on me because there is lack of evidence. This is why I ask people to check what I say or flesh it out by going to psychics or remote viewers with proven track records, while also working on finding physical evidence. I get flashes and images which are almost like silhouettes on a wall. For example, I can get a see-feel image of a man carrying a gun. Or I can get a flash-feeling of maybe a man standing over a dead body with a dog near him. But if you ask me to hone in on details, like reading someone’s driver’s license to get a name or an address, so far I am not getting that level of detail. Does it mean I am not psychic? No! I also sometimes hear bits and pieces of conversation; sometimes I seem to hear someone say a name. What this suggests is I am more telepathic and clairaudient in some ways than visual. Sometimes I get flashes of things in more detail, like a machine or a piece of technology. It is usually very brief - just a flash. But if I don’t know what I am looking at, it’s not very useful. I will see psychically a silhouette of a gun; I wll sometimes know someone is carrying a gun, usually through emails is where I pick it up, and it could be third party interceptors. The real issue here is that without real data, the man in the article says don’t waste police time and resources. I agree with that, up to a point. Here is where the problems working with police can come up. First of all, there are different levels of psychic ability. In addition, there are different styles and types of psychic ability. I see myself as a first level psychic getting a feeling for things. I prefer to turn that over to remote viewers and professional psychics who can step into that space and tune into it with more detail. People who are skeptics will say, well, to date no one really has that additional higher ability, otherwise why aren’t the serial killers being caught more often? i think part of it is that remote viewers that are higher class are working on different kinds of projects. In addition, I think the police, when stumped, do reach out to psychics or teams they have had success with, but it will only be as a last resort, and we don’t usually hear about it. You have to have some of the psychic experiences for yourself a number of different times over several years before it starts taking on a pattern. It’s taken me many years to gain any sense of self-confidence or to get a feeling for when I am probably connecting with something real and when it is just a question about what is going on. That is why I break things down into Weak, Medium, Highor Absolutely Certain because I don’t want to discount all of the imagery/feelings when they are uncertain because it might mean something sooner or later. In addition, another psychic person who is able to tune into that space might be able to make sense of it. Frequently people who are the most skeptical have some kind of guilt. They are in denial about the paranormal because their sense of truth leans on a type of rigidity that is closely connected to something mean or ugly in their life that they don’t want to deal with. I feel that people with more self-forgiveness can work better with gray zones in which truth is the ultimate desired outcomes, but knowing that on the way there some trial and error is necessary. People without that flexibility which comes from empathy and past experiences with problem solving seem to be more psychic. This is why people often refer to psychic work as both an art and a science. THere is something about creativity, like through art and music, which is connected to psychic ability. The creative process of being able to make messes, to not be perfect, while seeking ultimately potential perfection, is part of the psychic thing. People who need absolutes tend to dismiss the truly psychic things that go on if they are not bona fide facts. The tendency to discount people’s intuition seems to be closely tied to emotional immaturity. I have spoken to many psychics over the years and there is a certain feeling to the ones who are tapping into your psyche. You can feel it. They may offer pesonal opinions which belong somewhere else, but what they are giving you feedback about is on the mark. you may not agree with their advice or conclusions, but that they are tapping into something about is clear with some of these people. It is not just a matter of feeding them information only to have them second guess you. THere is more to it than that. I would recommend that people with better visual acuity gegt together with people like me because the tendencies seem to spread like osmosis. For example, if you are more telepathic, linking up with someone who is less telepathic might help them become more telepathic. Someone who hears people talk might help someone become more like that, too. If you are someone who sees things in color, in 3D, and with a good level of detail - like a car engine and ts various parts - you can help people who are less visual become more visual, just be talking to them and sending out your style of thought to them. While you are talking, visualize the way you normally do, and then send it to that person. Slowly, that person will start to get better quality images in the head, too. In this way, you are teaching and sharing your abilities. lots of times when I talk to people, I use hand motions which reflect inner vision. I am sharing feelings and my brand of inner vision - which is usually not too detailed - with other people. It is a telepathic transference. Some people are very closed off and I don’t seem to get far with them with this approach. Other people seem to get it lightning quick. So my final word to respond to this skeptic in this article about where are the psychics for mass killngs is that we all need to have more patience with the psychic world. Sometimes a psychic is pcking up vibes surrounding a case which might not tell you exactly who and where but it gives you the feeling, say, it is a man, and he likes old trucks. Or it is a woman, and she wears a lot of makeup. she has a scent of strong perfume. THe darnedest things flash into our psychic awareness, it is often not under our control, and it might not be enough to target the criminal, but it is a start, OK? Don’t discount all psychci activity as hogwash; have more patience. It is vital people are aware of how it all works. I think we are all getting the information in more detail on some level but we block it. What is more, if we don’t have regular, consistent feedback, forget it. We can see images and have feelings from here unti eternity but without a validation system, we cannot anchor it into our reality systems. Those precognitive events which came into my life that had physical manifestatons - they came true - are a feedback loop. Once I had a verifiable link between certain psychic feelings and outcomes, then I knew that future psychic visions like tha would come true or had a much stronger chance of coming to pass. Do we want to be honest in our psychic work, or do we want attention, money, fame? Why be psychic? Why deal with skeptics, why not just ignore the whole thing? Why put up with being called a fraud, or mentally ill, or hapless? Details are going to make or break a psychic: if you come up with useful details, like this article suggests, then the issues of whether you are a fraud or mentally ill are lessened, but die-hard skeptics will figure out some reason to suggest it was faked in some way. THe missing piece is an additional type of physics and energy system still not taught in mainstream science. I would recommend that people take several psychic classes from various types of people, using different systems so a person does not have to rely on others for the experience. Once you start having verifiable, repeated psychic experiences yourself, you will get a feeling for things. It’s not that strange or mysterious. I don’t know what causes a shift in a person. I look back on my life, and there was a time I was sort of picking up strange energies around one man in particular. It was goosebumps, a heightened sense of “something is up with this guy when he s in the room.” I remember thinking those thoughts. BUt it was a long, long way from where I am today. But it was a kind of an awakening. I had a later boyfriend who made caustic comments about his ex-wife who he said was into crystals and New Age. I remember sitting there listening to him and blinking blankly. What is this about crystals? What is New Age? I was still far removed from any psychic knowledge or connection at that point. I remember feeling sorry for his ex because he seemed so critical, but I did not understand what she was into. In the mid-1990s, some kind of light went off. I read a channeled being named Ramtha, I think the book was called. I read something by McClain, can’t recall her first name right now I listened to a woman channeler on a cassette, I think her last name might have been Andrews, and I also read some of her books. THen in Arizona, I connected with psychics over the phone. Slowly but surely it started coming together. Over time, I considered and then dropped concepts like channeled beings, aliens, angel or spirit guides like Michael or Jesus; I went through each of those concepts and discarded all of it. Today, I prefer to just listen to the vibes and not try to hook into pinning down a guide’s name. I am very cautious about the alien concept, feeling we need to consider what is possible by humans here on planet Earth before jumping to conclusions that all far ot material has to come from aliens. I am careful about channeled messages. All of these things came together slowly after listening to many psychics and reading quite a few books. I get bits and pieces enough to know that if psychic teams work together more detail is possible for police cases. It will take more police officers and detectives learning to have patience with the creative process. We don’t want to waste time and resources chasing after moonlight but we need to realize that sometimes heavy trauma leaves an imprint that calls out to sensitive people. It is possible spirits after they leave the body try to alert sensitives about what happened, or they may try to warn against future violence for someone else. The way things come into our awareness might not be cut and dried in a technically useful sense unless we are prepared to work with things in a more flexible manner. For me, lot of times it is bits and pieces, like a puzzle has been dropped on the floor and I am getting only a few links, a few images here, a few feelings in the bodys known there, sometimes an odor, sometiems it is a vibe about gender or personality or habits. Here is another thing that happens for me, in responding to the skepticism in the above article. I am looking out at dead buried bodies on the est mesa there in Albuquerque, or wherever it was. I remember the story that came out in the news around that time. So say I am looking at the burials in my mind’s eye. Let’s say i feel like I am making stuff up talking to you right now, at this moment as i write this. So in this non-provable space, I am saying I see an old-fashioned style of watch dangling from a chain from a mans pocket. I see a crisply ironed short sleeved cotton type of shirt, maybe dark blue tucked into equally ironed dark khaki pants. He is wearing dark loafers, so it feels like he was work. Now I am sensing something about gardening, like gardening around a yard, like someone doing clippings of bushes. I am going to stop right there. Listen to me: where in the heck does that stuff come from? It comes from nowhere I can think of, it just starts coming for me. But there is NO validation in my life for stuff like that, so I have to give it a “weak” rating each and every time because I have NOT had a feedback loop on that kind of thing. Do you see where my dilemma is with this? I have to stick wit those things in my life that have a link to a validated experience. There are certain psychic things that have come true or have shown up in a certain way that was unmistakably matched with the psychic feelings before that. BUt this stream of imagery that comes to my mind as in the above paragraph has no reality line yet, not consistently. I suggest people not write off all psychics or psychic activity. Hang in there. Try to take classes. Your abilities might slowly awaken. Try to sense when your own judgments or biases are getting in the way. Sometimes people think religious judgment of others is psychic. Like saying “She does not believe in Jesus, therefore anything coming out of her mouth is from the Devil.” That is a non-psychic way of letting your own opinions sway what you think about someone. Or you could be a man who gets triggered by certain kinds of women, and nothing that comes out of their communication to you makes sense or fits your reality; that is also a bias interfering with pure vision. Let’s your are woman who feels most men are out for one thing and that they are almost universally manipulative and dishonest; you might have trouble picking up the true essence of a man when trying to read him psychically because of those biases. I say that training with feedback loops would help but sensitive people might not do well in group psychic classes because of all the psychic noise in the room. Some people need one-on-one training for that reason. Individual remote viewing classes can be as high as $1500 or $2500 per class, if not more. People on tight budgets might delay training, always finding another place to put hard found funds. There is the concern whether one is good enough or psychic enough to justify the risks of putting out that much money. There can be fears of inadequacy or losing face. Being wrong can be difficult to deal with. Some of the biggest skeptics are people on drugs and alcohol or with past chemical abuse problems because they feel illusions come out of a bottle or from a pill at a moment’s notice. Fantasies and grandiose thoughts, highs and lows, a sense of temporary spiritual amazement only to be followed by hollow nothingness…drugs can make people give up on anything more from this life. The psychic thing can be an extension of a trip, as far as they are concerned. Some people are truly blocked. It could be a lifetime thing. Some have suggested they came into this life purposely blocked to gain certain lessons, or to take a break from a previous life in which they were too sensitive. IT is frustrating to both blocked and unblocked people when communication falls apart. Psychic Input 03/06/2017 West Mesa Murder, loose notes Low xxxWeakxxx------- High -----Absolutely Certain Have added notes to 2017-8 about West Mesa Murders. I had heard about this briefly before, but had not delved into it until the past few days. I remember the story coming out but did not realize it was back in 2009, it did not seem so long ago when I heard it or read it on the news. I started picking up vibes from it after reading about it, and was having trouble sleeping last night because of it, still have a lingering bad feeling today. Uneasy feeling about the City of Albuquerque or a “municipality” vibe. I am not sure all the bodies were reported. One of the girls whose body was found might have been in rehab. A Hispanic 15 year old who went to a park near the base San Mateo/Gibson: cannot recall exactly right now, but she might have been with an older sister or other female. I feel someone dangerous showed up at the park, maybe more than one person. I feel one of the females might have been found by the perpetrator under an overpass; there might be needles/drugs associated with this female. The young black runaway might have been hitchhiking when she was picked up and murdered. Before reading into the case, not knowing there were 11 bodies of women, I had picked up on a deceased male who seemed to be in casual business attire. He was lying face up, as if dead, with pressed clothes, possibly blue or green shirt, I originally said blue but feel I am sensing “tint” rather than getting an accurate color; possibly darker khaki pants and loafers; belt, shirt tucked into pants, short neatly groomed darkish hair; when I look at him, his body seems intact, still fresh, not decayed. He feels Hispanic. I at first saw an old style watch with a chain coming out of a pocket, I feel that might be an anachronism or anomaly, maybe something coming in from another era, maybe having to do with an earlier historical incident in the same area as where he was buried or laid. He might have nothing to do with the West Mesa Murders. I feel he was a victim himself, not a perpetrator. I also had the sense of a gardener, like someone who uses shears or a trimmer to cut bushes. I felt that the gardener might be a perpetrator in that scene with the young man. The young deceased man might have been located closer to the East mountains seen from Albuq because that is where I was tuning in at first because that is where I thought the murdered victims had been buried. I had thought the serial burials were in a different part of the city, in other words. Something stuck in my mnd about a news report a few years back about burials in what I thought was somewhere off Tramway in the undeveloped desert area running toward the mountains. Perhaps I am wrong about that, because what shoed up googling was the West Mesa murders. Maybe there are two multiple murder/burial sites. It turns out the West Mesa was in the opposite area from what I thought. So I had sent my psychic tuners closer to the mountains, and that might relate to why I came up with a young man instead of women. Nonetheless, anything is possible. There was a concern that one of the suspects was linked to the county fair which runs in the West Mesa area each year, as I understand it. There is something fishy feeling about the fair issue, but I am not sure what it is. It feels more likely that the other suspects are closer to the personality type; I am sensing an angry Hispanic/Native American type. What we need to understand is the personality had to have long-term anger, not just sporadic anger that shows up when on substances. There seem to be no signs of how the victims were killed. I sense knife wounds. Given the women were mostly prostitutes with drug histories, we can ask if a man was trying to “clean up the city” of the so-called riff raff. However, I am picking up anger toward women as part of it. I had also picked up some robberies, things taken from the victims. I had also picked up the possibility that the person had a link to parole as through the county detention center out near the West Mesa Murder. I picked up a stronger link to that than to the fair, although it is conceivable one of the victims had been in the area and had seen him with something suspicious. He might have been someone more familiar with that area of the city. A white truck with a missing tailgate, pulling something out of the back of the truck/pickup: this is a weak image as I don’t see bodies exactly. He feels like an older Hispanic male, perhaps a father’s age, something to do with Mexico. I keep picking up theft. One of the suspects was an older male who was put in jail; he was reported to have had jewelery and women’s panties, and odd lock-in material on the front seat. He says he didn’t do the West Mesa murders. His energy from looking at his photo shows intelligence and the ability to sustain crime over time, not just in isolated moments; his energy also suggests he might have been influenced by Catholic priest pedophile behavior. I seem to be tapping into the 15 year old who was felt to be the only one of the group not into drugs or prostitution, picking up some of her personality and reactions to the perpetrator or perpetrators. I feel someone shows up at that park. It might have been a link to someone older her sister or someone like a sister knew at that park; I do feel they made it to the park as planned. Very weak, but perhaps a sense of a van and handcuffs. Also very weak, somethng about dog catchers and or city parks maintenance/yard workers. Feeling someone might have been a fresher burial retrieved from that area without our awareness, the other bodies were older. This should be kept distinct from a psychic impression about another possible serial killing site in the Jemez Springs area associated with aberrant priest(s). I indicated that one of the graves might be from more modern times. As far as I can tell, I am dealing with two different topics and two different areas. The Jemez Springs murders are entirely speculative. I psychically picked up their possibility before dielving into the West Mesa murders. I am not coming up with anything definitive but I can tell you I have been connecting strongly with the energy of at least some of the murders. Unusually strong energy connection. I send healing into spaces like this when I make a strong connection. (cont. on Jemez Springs 2)
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