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Machismo Watch for machismo in Southwest police departments and related systems.  Male Machismo, Female Gang Member machoism linked to religious/ethnic pride with a tendency for turfing and bullying. Racial Profiling Legitimate concerns about racial profiling can prevent society from looking machismo in the eye.  The misuse of power by civil rights groups, however, can deflect the warranted precautions in a sea of irresponsible reactionism.  Some surreptitious groups want to suppress free speech to the point we cannot call a problem a problem.  Frequently information dominance (see Frank Gaffney Muslim Brotherhood video series and Muslim Mafia section found in Index) is used to protect hostile groups bent on American takeovers.  If we cannot call it what it is, this can be part of an overall program to keep us from fighting back and protecting our own rights.  Although we need to protect against racial profiling that is unfair and a true violation of equal rights, there comes a point that we have to address certain criminalistic issues that fall along racial and religious lines. Where Machismo Spells Trouble for Police Departments These culturally driven tendencies can create extra tensions in police departments and linked agencies, with increased likelihood for certain forms of problems, including violence and criminality. Often we can find a mixture of Italian and Spanish behind the machismo.  Perhaps popes have ruled the world from their Catholic portal in Rome off and on for centuries to the point satellites like the American Southwest have never shed their old skins.  Throughout the Roman Catholic world, we see a pernicious tendency to consider the pope to be like a king and a direct conduit to God for the people.  Popes are perhaps an offshoot of ancient Rome and earlier royal family dynasties in which kings are like sun gods.  A royalty-based religion fans out into both verbal and body language,, cultural transmission of ideas and paternalism (using king as the modeled father of people).  It is conceivable some of it comes down the line in the form of memes, codified packets of meaning and expression.  Some of it can be unspoken psychic material, a land of energy and feelings hard to pinpoint using traditional forms of data gathering.  Machismo can have an underlying power energy pulse, with men sensitive to whether the woman is keeping her tail down.  If it is not down, the machismo will respond with direct or subtle aggression.   The aggression is likely impulsive, anti-authority, risk-taking and won’t take no for an answer.  Oppression and suppression go together. This behavior runs culturally within certain groups to the point repeated exposure informs women it’s not just an occasional incident.  Although we are not trying to encourage stereotyping, after awhile, a person gives up.  A female realizes machismo is a widespread phenomena which needs to be addressed through self-protection and counter- measures.  Machismo: The male-female dynamics; what he’s thinking and feeling - his approach (some additions 2019/4/30) Machismo is usually a culturally driven approach to women that includes the following: sexual overtures; sensitivity to suspected or real slurs to manhood or race; one-way conversations in which there is only monologue, not dialogue between a man and woman, because the man wants to be in charge of what is said.  Included in this is a tendency to not let a woman finish speaking, to not listen to or absorb what she says, and to turn the conversation toward something else he wants to talk about.  There is a tendency to reduce all interaction to the level of sex.  The man is angry and rebellious inside in many cases. The feeling is that even if he seems to be listening and complying with a request for help, he is being sneaky and working around the situation, or that he does not really mean the help he is giving.  In truth, he feels put upon or like he is doing the woman a favor for complying.  He puts out a little, but wants a lot. There is also the feeling he might comply and help a few times, but if further assistance is needed, he will become increasingly difficult.  In other words, the help is half-baked, like he puts out superficially, but is not really trying; he won’t really think about the problem seeking real solutions.  He acts like the whole thing is beneath him so won’t give the issue full attention.  He is worried about losing power to a woman.  He is worried about not receiving respect. Giving her too much attention, giving her too much, or making her feel special without getting something in return, like sex, respect, a promise of loyalty, etc., seems to him like a loss of power.  The racial aspect can include the use of manipulative guilt with a non-white, a habit of reaction when faced by a non- player.  That is, the message is, “OK you are not showing respect to my manhood here: it’s how you white people are to all of us brown skinned people.”  The demand for respect becomes an issue over race and manhood, but the respect desired is one-sided. He does not want her to feel too good, too powerful on her side; he wants things veering toward his side. He wants to shut out any sense of self-importance she might have.  The white woman might want to simply get to the nitty gritty: she has a need, she is expressing the need.  She is trying to get the message across about what she needs.  A direct need, say, for a little advice about what product to buy.   OK, he can see she has needs. But her voice, facial expression, body language about how she expresses the need: now, that is the issue.  If too direct, self-confident, or if there is some kind of attitude, her approach is seen as non-feminine by this Machismo type; he feels there is a lack of respect in the way she looks at him, the way she speaks firmly and directly, not diffidently, not demurely.   She is not easing up gently on the request or statement of her ideas or walking through a cultural dance in which certain protocols are observed first before getting to the message of real intent.  She does not show enough humility so he sees that as a lack of respect.  He feels she should be asking, not stating.  Even if she is truly only moderately stating what she needs, this man with machismo can see it as non-respectful demanding or insistence, or too much self-proclamation about how she has something important to say.