RACIAL ISSUES Minority Mindset Native American Slants Races Conjoin Reverse Discrimination Black Panthers See also related sections on this website: wall of silence two horns turning the tables invisible fingers the zone of influence Related terms: Implacable - Merriam Webster Not placable: not capable of being appeased, significantly changed, or mitigated <an implacable enemy> www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/implacable Concept Soup: the idea that a person lives in a soup or sea of ideas with emotion-laden impact buttons. Words, ideas and emotional responses can be tired together and linked to a group of people we are a part of. For example, as African Americans or Native Americans, we might have heard and felt certain things about being a member of that group as contrasted to a white group. The concepts might become so automatic it is hard to separate fact from fiction or self-identity from group identity. A concept soup can keep people behind a wall or from exploring new ways of being or thinking about the world. Ceilings On Potential the idea that whites have indicated a variety of persons of color are not smart or hard working; that they are mostly fit for manual labor; that they cannot be in management, high tech or otherwise highly educated, trained, skilled positions; the idea that “cannot” can be turned around to “I can” minoritymindset_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/07/2017_ 03/29/2016 MINORITY MINDSET The word ‘minority’ is meant to be a temporary term to apply to non-whites. Ultimately, some people referred to previously as minorities might no longer be minorities.. Some of these concepts can apply to anyone who has felt disenfranchised or marginalized at any time in their lives, no matter their skin color/race/ethnicity, gender age, sexuality and more. It can include people who as a group tend to get the shorter end of the stick or abused. It also can include people who do not have equal access to opportunity and quality income. TWO COLUMNS: It is possible the wealthy own both (all) positions along the polemic divide. They don’t care who is right or wrong; they hold the energy and make the money off both. Minorities are used against whites, whites against minorities. The elite are winning either way. See Two Horns. In dealing with psychic attack which might include psychotronic attack, for quite some time now I have been picking up vibes. Part of these vibes have felt like “something down south” like in Mexico or further south; also something international, but hard to pinpoint, like maybe Eastern European, maybe something else. Something smart alack (seriously) including defiance, oneupmanship, competition. Superficiality, shallow thinking, irresponsibility, immaturity. Some minority females doing the surveillance seem to be misusing sexual energy in connection with psychic influencing. They seem to be relying on a form of irresponsibility just because they are female to not develop their minds further while telling themselves they are being clever or smart in a modern way. The illusion is they are being smart. The reality is they are being mundane and following the old white way of thinking. They have taken on the white culture in areas where the whites were lacking without picking up on the places where the whites were doing a good job. They are not using the more evolved parts of the white culture in this type of thinking. There is a way to do power both for minority women and women in general that takes people to a more compassionate level than petty forms of hatred and vindictiveness. There is a way to do power without strident grips on rules and regulations. Giving one’s self permission to do bad things in the name of getting back at whites or unfair systems; pushing things too far with that rather than developing one’s self further. Dancing around whites, trying to make them look stupid or ineffective, like wisps in the wind or puppets on a string. 1950s or Father Knows Best (1954-1960 television series) type of shallow materialistic female coming up in the minorities. Reliance on makeup, dressing well, nice cars and houses, costly Smart Phones and other technical gadgets, discriminatory coldness - just like the whites of the 1950s. Role reversals. Reverse discrimination in hiring more minorities than whites in certain kinds of jobs. Jealousy and competition from minorities toward whites, envy as malice with no oversight, with minorities allowed to be let loose using meanness and discrimination without someone saying “Hey look, that’s just as bad as some of the stuff the whites have done to us. “ Taking on the bad habits of the dominating group to show that one is not a savage or slum dweller is not the solution. Kept picking up gangs, Mafia or organized crime. Gang handshakes around someone I wrote to at the ACLU in past year. Obama with turban or the like. Double layers with a fake outer layer. Webs, like the outer layer is connected to a web of interconnectivity. Messed-with energy in those layers and webs. Various kinds of objects with energy snags attached to them surreptitiously. For example, I seem to find caches of information on the internet with an energy snag vibe to it. This can be a mix of both real and false information made to look real. It feels that these caches are taken over by the shadow government and fixed with this energy snag. The energy snag is about sucking energy and shifting it so you cannot latch onto the nugget of real information. The snag creates a distraction and makes everything feel funky and artificial. They don’t let you have anything for free. I also have been picking up the emotional and mental stiffness of many American whites I encounter, a tendency to focus too heavily on being practical or having common sense, economic maturity, etc. to the exclusion of these other things going on. Both men and women do it in their own way, but they are both doing it. This is its own form of irresponsibility in not delving deeper into issues. The mental blocks in the white culture are very real and difficult to penetrate or shift for growth. Still some self- centered approaches by whites over minorities - some whites don’t give a rip about how minorities feel or about the unfairness in history because they are focused on trivial pursuits in yuppie urbania. These particular types of whites have little or no empathy for both minorities and other classes of whites not able to play the game of economics according to their standards in the modern United States. The game of economics is being tweaked by organized crime and this group of people manipulating the weird energy. I need to remind you that I don’t particularly resonate with the name Illuminati meant to apply to the Satanic-like organization taking over the world. I do not like the word Illuminati. There is a growing class of minorities playing the game of economics while certain whites are dropping out of the picture entirely - and it is not because these whites are necessarily bad people, it is because they were abused and taken advantage of by both minority and white groups and not given enough information about what is really going on. There is a certain kind of ruthlessness and selfishness needed to survive in this climate, or the relentless ability to stay focused against great odds (as in getting the education for the better paying jobs). There are growing numbers of white homeless and loitering poor with needs not being met by social services often manned by religious right types and/or minorities. Minority networking both overtly and secretly behind the scenes seems to be part of what is going on. Jewish people often see themselves as minorities who have been victims. They could line up with other minorities based on skin color - ie, black Jews - or other things. Masonic Jewry might or might not be a real issue; I cannot speak authoritatively on this, but I have picked up energy which suggests a type of witchcraft around certain Jews, and maybe this is tied to Masonry, Jewish Gypsies and/or Kabbalism. Some people might be keeping jobs because they are mundane and viewed as harmless. Others might be doing OK for awhile and then suddenly find themselves without a job not knowing why - perhaps behind the scenes it has to do with politics and psychotronic attack (invisible fingers). Others might lose jobs because they were whistleblowers or showing signs of not fitting into the system. Muslims and mesmerizing occultishness might be connected with another hidden order maybe with historic ties to Masons or something from very early times like the Mystery Schools, Egyptians, and Babylonians. The ancient Greeks often consulted with more Eastern groups and were in Egyptian territory. I suspect these earlier groups were into meditation and perhaps mind altering drugs with a lineage from early Egyptian priestly classes and perhaps earlier. The 400 BC to Christ era suggests higher than normal psychic activity showing up in math, intellectual insight and human compassion. My feeling is there is more than media hype around that mystery school link. So, upon reading and reading and reading and reading.....I am getting bits and pieces along the way which seem to resonate with what I have been intuitively picking up. They are: minority backlash fascism Mossadic South American Jews - perhaps at least partly with Eastern European ties Mormon/Masonic symbols Big Business corps and organized crime Nazi secret technology Communist and Nazi links to South America corruption in major organized religions strange Nazi-Jewish-Catholic connection with the Catholic aspect historic from earlier Inquisition days Muslim networks in the western world; know them by their antagonism toward females racesconjoin_racialissues_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/07/2017_06/16/2016 RACES CONJOIN Challenges Solved Better With Coordinated Diversity If you are not just like me, it is probably a good thing Problems are solved better when people coordinate their individual and cultural differences toward a common goal of peace, enough for everyone and a healthier planet. We need to figure out ways to make sure all humans alive on the planet have adequate food, shelter and medical care while retaining uniqueness and the ability to have personal freedom and privacy. Too often people try to create Utopian enterprises that end up securing interests for the few and stomping on the personal space of the individual. Communism sounded good on paper to many, but when applied to large groups under the hands of a few, in all countries it became a totalitarian nightmare. Although capitalist approaches seem to also run toward difficult situations like overly exaggerated self-interests at the expense of those at the bottom and the environment, in and of itself it is not a system designed to control people. Buzz Word: New World Order When combined with those who want to combine economics with a communist-like system, the world gets sucked down a one-system drain which does in fact look like a new world order. The problem with that term seems to be similar to other terms with negative connotations. We probably need a new term to describe what it feels like to have everything coordinated under one system in such a way people are being exploited and manipulated like cattle. What term would you use to describe such a thing? By removing people’s uniqueness, including cultural and personal identities, we lose the edge of variance. Variance offers new potentials for solutions. By shifting people toward an exaggerated unity, it is easier for one group to act as a puppet master over mindless puppets. If that group have their hands in all the world’s working systems, with no private party (single individual outside government, military or big business) able to turn the off switch, things get worse and worse. We cannot permit that. Embracing Differences Not Easy We need to embrace differences while learning to find common ground between them to work together to solve problems. But that sounds good, but it doesn’t always work out that easily in the real world - for example, can you envision how a conservative older person of any racial color would feel sitting next to a hard rocker also of any racial color? The older person wants quiet and a sense of order; the other person wants to get up and dance on the bus, while turning up the music louder. How likely is it that two such different people are going to find common ground? If you take that to the next level of groups, where one culture sees gang membership, playing favors with sex and money, racial, ethnic and religious connections as “in” - along with feeling cool over using guns to express group power - how does that approach work with quiet people who just want to live out their lives in safe neighborhoods? It’s a clash of approaches that goes way past just racial discrimination. It’s also about a lot of other things. What a Real (Not Fake) Diplomatic Negotiation or Problem Solving Meeting Needs To negotiate, when people go back to the home camp (whatever that is - a home town, urban neighborhood or spot in the country) you live out your life with your culture and language; but when you come to the table to solve problems for a safer and more nurturing planet and humanity, you find ways to get on the same page and to work honestly together. So often people are so non-trusting that they lie at the diplomacy table - they only offer so much and yet behind the scenes they are really doing something else. Diplomacy might need to come from the private people up, rather than from the government leaders down; as each group of people learns ways to work together, they can have an impact on the dishonest governments. We learn to mistrust each other by compartmentalizing into separate groups each protective or fighting for some kind of rights or place in the world, turf, money, land…whatever you want to call it. Sometimes it is about ego or pride, like, see who we are, we are cool. we have the most power (sometimes found in gangs running along racial lines). One of the ways to get past problems is to start teaching young people the pitfalls of gang mentality form a young age and about peer pressure. Young people probably make up most of the fight patterns because of their connection to gan Polemics against certain groups need to stop The polemics against certain groups like whites as supremacists, Jews as sneaky financiers, Native Americans being drunks need to stop. We need to cultivate a society that refuses to stand off on opposite sides of a pole. Instead of bad- mouthing whites and calling them supremacists, we need to discover ways to bridge the racism gap and create good communication. One of the things this website tries to get people to think about is that things might not be as they seem. We might be told it’s the whites or the Jews, for example, behind the new police state against Blacks or the 9/11 conspiracy. We need to start asking ourselves if one group is playing another group on the national or world stage. We need to look for set-ups or invisible fingers. It is suggested that some groups have a historic connection with using invisible fingers - there is a precedence which could even go back as far as the days of the pharaohs with the doctor, priestly and builder class learning to stay out of the limelight while manipulating kings and queens from behind the scenes. Imagine the possibility of an ancient group with a certain knowledge of they psychic world as played alongside mind alternating drugs passing that knowledge down through their racial and group orders (like doctors and builders regardless of race) for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Is there a very old racial connection? Do you think it is possible a group of people could have maintained that connection for so many years? For example, lets pretend some gypsies used to work in ancient Egypt in various capacities, some might even have blood lines leading to the pharaohs. There might be an intermixing there with Jews. Also pretend that this group had old ties to the magic - based rituals of the Egyptians and that certain kinds of knowledge kept being passed down, albeit perhaps channeled through poverty and hard times. Some of these families became marginalized, and their only form of income was through crime. They learned to make money using alchemy, energy sucking through loans (ie, creating addictions) and more. The culture became subversive and sneaky. Invisibility Because They Think Differently and Are Sneaky We are not saying Gypsies were really like that (but maybe some of their bloodline were), but we are playing on a vague idea to make a point here. Again, what if their culture - or some other culture with racial ties (bloodlines) has learned to use invisible fingers for eons of time? With an old Egyptian link, or Babylonian link, or Jewish link, we can suggest there is a tie to long ago. No matter what group it is, Is it partly because that type of culture is not widespread that so many others of us have a hard time recognizing them or seeing what they are doing? What if that culture is trying to take over the planet as a new world order? Because they are so different from us, because they think and operate so differently, we might not see them for what they are and what they are doing to dominate. This would be like the supercilious servant who kisses ass with the estate owner while sneaking power games behind his back; it would be like the smiling banker who offers a loan in return for a high interest rate and costly fees as penalties; it’s the artificially nice looking shopping centers which seem to offer relief from run down urban areas when drug dealers are actually behind the projects - they have just shifted their money in another direction. We have to remind ourselves that the media might be called on to emphasize a situation that is set up by people who are using psychotronics and psyops to make one thing look like another. This is the part that is so tricky because most people are too busy on other things in their lives to focus on the more subtle issues. Invisible Fingers Playing People Against Each Other It is true a certain group of white males in the police-military complex has been exhibiting behaviors representative of a one-sided, selfish and totalitarian system, but we are likely dealing with highly complex issues where sometimes things are not as they seem. In some cases we might be dealing with KKK types or macho religionists. In that case, it is more like what the public is hearing from the ACLU and other groups crying out that Ferguson and other police acts against people of color are white racist issues. In some cases, we might be dealing with a growing minority elite hiring whites as mercenaries in the police and military; these invisible fingers are running against a variety of people they label enemies of state. Sometimes it feels like a cruel game of cat and mouse where they set people up and make the victim suffer (maybe through depleted finances or a sense of being followed and watched) first before the final hit. They might be creating a zone of influence around the white police and military that are sent in, like puppets on a string or little tin soldiers on a stage. At that point, they use the media to say “Look at those evil white supremacists!” They also can be surreptitiously fighting other minority gang members or minorities who are perceived as too soft or going over to the side of the whites while making it look like a white racist issue. We might have minorities in the media playing whites and minorities against each other. These games work because of highly emotionally charged and drama-inciting language. In several cases, it seems the people are writing the petitions across different groups. Venus Fly Traps The USA is being sold out with jobs sent overseas and companies taken over by a variety of international and national groups vying for supremacy and money control. They often hide behind guises or false fronts and make one thing look like something else. These false fronts can also be like Venus Fly Traps drawing in the unwary, including minorities with low or an inadequately broad education. Like the petition writers, the false fronts might be the same groups saying the same things. We need to bridge the gap of communication between whites and non-whites in a much more thoughtful and complete manner. Some people are suggesting whites join people of color against white supremacists but this keeps things pumped up along label-ridden lines and does not encourage deep exploration of the real issues. If we all work together, the business-military-policy conglomerate run by billionaires (several of whom are people of color) will have less of a hold on us. Together, if we pull our funds away from supporting their hostile ways, we will have more power than focusing on a few money slaves called in to "do a job" on helpless persons of color - or helpless white housewives like the woman who was killed at the Phoenix Airport in the late 90s - or the helpless white homeless man in Albuquerque gunned down by a military-like police group. Working With The Workable We need to be on alert that the hits are something more than what they seem and not allow our emotions to take over our reason. We need to understand some whites and some people of color do not want to try. They do not want to leave their narrow posts of of color-based one-sidedness. We have to find and work with the ones who want to bridge the gap. It might take patience and change to get past culture shock, fear and old habits cultivated from childhood, but the sense of community and expanded reality is worth it. It might take admitting we were wrong about someone, or that we have taken things too far, or that sometimes without meaning to we have feelings of discrimination. China Leadership Does Not Respect Human Rights of Anyone; No One Is Safe We are dealing with something much more complicated than simple racially drawn finger-pointing. Just look at China shaking hands with leader after leader in South America. China is a supremacist anti-human rights country likely using non-whites against whites to spread its hostile regime across the planet. Many have heightened psychic awareness through things like qigong and martial arts, plus advanced technology, including psychotronics and surveillance. People might be blinded by the money and sense of power, not realizing they are supporting a tyrant that keeps growing epidemically. There are wonderful citizens in China who do not deserve the treatment they have received from the country’s tyrant leadership. A mixed business conglomerate is likely growing as backers of China. Whites and non-whites need to stop fighting and work together against much bigger enemies like brutal totalitarian regimes that could take over the planet and make everyone and everything the same under a forced technical and business mentality. Links The US police chief fighting to end racial tension Excerpt: Since he took charge of the Cincinnati Police Department less than two years ago, it has been the mission of Chief Blackwell, the son of a black father and white mother, to make headway in breaking down some of the deep mistrust between black communities and the police. http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-32816247 The Surprising History of Black/White Supremacist Cooperation http://stop-obama-now.net/black-white-nazi-cooperation/ In North Charleston, Jim Crow lives on in routine traffic stops, residents say Article talks about racial profiling with large number of white police officers in the police force, many African Americans pulled over for petty reasons, local residents aware of problem. “Walter L. Scott was pulled over under exactly such circumstances — a broken brake light — before Officer Michael T. Slager shot him to death as he tried to run away. The video of Scott’s death, taken by a bystander with a cellphone, incensed [Councilwoman Dorothy “Dot”] Williams, but it did not surprise her.” Then article goes on to talk about some of the improvements. Excerpt: Williams said she tried to buy a home in a white neighborhood in the 1980s. “I’ll never forget it,” she said. The man next door came outside with a pit bull and addressed her with the N-word: “You’ll never live next to me,” he told her. She didn’t want to live next to him so she moved on. She doesn’t run across that type of racial vitriol or denigration much anymore. She doesn’t see black Sambo ornaments in white people’s yards, she said. Black and white people, especially the younger generation, mingle like never before. Williams often sees biracial couples strolling around, including her own children. She said she has biracial grandchildren. She praises the white, Republican mayor, Keith Summey. “Let me tell you something,” she said. “Keith Summey is one of the kindest, best men I know. He loves black residents and would do anything for them.” Summey regularly shows up at black churches — at Royal Baptist, Charity Baptist and Mt. Moriah Baptist — because he prefers “the old-time, kick-down music.” http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-south-carolina-policing-20150409-story.html#page=1 reversediscrimination_racialissues_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/07/2017 REVERSE DISCRIMINATION Two wrongs do not make a right Discrimination is discrimination, no matter who is applying it. Let’s stop passing on the chain of hatred*. Sometimes there are old wounds and mistrust to overcome. Dealing with differences in race or culture might take practice as both parties learn to see each other as just people. It requires energy input from both sides of a discrimination picture. Sometimes people become so emotionally blocked they no longer can think about things in a fresh way. Can you imagine how discrimination impacts a person’s bioenergy field? Do you realize that people who have experienced real discrimination often show it as a type of scar in their energy field? People might have a relationship with that scar long after the discrimination is over, or it might be an open wound with fresh insults coming in time and again. What does rejection feel like? How do minds close and people block off even remotely trying to work with one another? As a white, have you ever felt the uneasiness, hostility and secrecy of persons of color who have either felt direct discrimination themselves from whites or have heard about it from their elders? How do we bridge that gap? Can you imagine a powerful society of mixed races creating a whole new dynamic? A society in which all of the underlying suspicions, fears, retaliation and anger between different races are gone? A society which refuses to play into those feelings of discrimination or reverse discrimination? A society that realizes we have other things to focus on than focusing on differences by piling up on racial, gender, age or sexual orientation sides? We should create a society that will focus on the Big Things in life like making sure everyone on the planet has access to low cost shelter, the environment, quality of life, safety, violence-free upbringing and health. A society that does not see skin color as much as it feels vibes. Feeling vibes is about sensing the essence of a person without getting lost in externals. *See Blog 2/22/2015 on murdered journalist Kenji Goto nativeamerslants_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/07/2017 NATIVE AMERICAN SLANTS EVINCING PERSONAL AND GROUP POWER Both survival and moving beyond survival Rich heritage, diversity, power, resilience, dis-empowerment, creativity, dullness, pain, laughter, playfulness, hardship, substance abuse, domestic violence, exploitation, environmentalism, non-environmentalism, of the earth, of the city, child abuse, child love Discussion In connecting with concepts of different racial or culture groups, most of us understand there are different slants (perspectives, angles) on everything. Depending on how we were raised and what we were taught, we all probably have biases. Some of these biases can lead to discrimination, anger and hatred. Some biases lead to growth and transformation as new ideas and values are assimilated. In dealing with different cultures, it is important not to make assumptions about individuals. Some people have stronger group ties than others, but most people prefer to be known for themselves as unique. It is important not to be condescending, pretentious or pre-judgmental. Different people have different needs, interpretations and approaches for identifying things like respect, dignity, empowerment and equality. No two people are likely to come at controversial topics in quite the same way. We must remember to look for a group’s or individual’s strengths, creativity, problem-solving abilities, humor and other aspects if signs of dysfunction, victimization, instability and real or apparent dis-empowerment seem visible. Look for what is right, not just what might be wrong. Frequently we need to let individuals tell us who and what they consider themselves to be, rather than making quick assumptions because of skin color, geographic location, group association or other immediately observable qualities. Sometimes the story of who someone is unfolds gradually. In addition, most people are a work in progress - developing and growing into something from something else - keeping parts, dropping other parts, fusing and shifting other things around. Some people see Native Americans as stereotyped naturalists or environmentalist; as spiritualists or visionaries; as humanitarians with unusual compassionate gifts; or as a people in general with mystical answers. Some see the other side, like poverty, child sexual abuse, alcoholism and drugs, and trashy looking reservations. Although Native Americans can be any of these things and more, it is important not to have preconceived ideas or to lump them into categories based on television, movies, cartoons, advertising, books and anecdotal stories. SLANTS OREGON Columbia River Native Americans “I know a little bit about Hanford. They do discharge acceptable levels of radiation into the Columbia River system. Is this acceptable level of radiation really acceptable? It is maybe acceptable for this generation of people that utilize resources out of the Columbia River. But what about succeeding generations? I think we are trying to cover it up by saying it doesn’t exist when we bury it. It is just saying, ‘Let’s not contend with the problem right now.’ We should contend with this problem right now. Like any other resource, we need to be involved with the restoration, protection of resources right now, rather than pass it on to the next generation to worry about it. Why don’t we accept a little bit of pain right now, so that five or six generations down the line, they have to suffer pain a hundred times of what we have to suffer now? We are a comfort-seeking species. There is an ecosystem of sustainable resources that have got to be protected and enhanced for the benefit of all mankind. Nuclear waste is a major issue. Bury it, get it out of sight, and it will go away. It is not going to go away. Half-life of nuclear waste is 10,000 years. So all we are doing is passing that problem on to some generation thousands of years down the road for some catastrophic event to occur that will expose people to radiation, or it will seep into the aquifer. There is a lot of farming. Herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers....go into the Columbia River system. And we eat the salmon that comes out of the Columbia River system. So it is affecting us. It may not affect me because I don’t look sick right now. It may not affect me in my lifetime. But it may affect grandchildren or great grandchildren. They say acceptable levels, because we don’t look sick right now. We got to think further ahead than a five-year plan....” Allen Pinkham, From book Healing the West SIX NATIONS Message provided from the early years of history “....at the treat of Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, anno 1744, between the Government of Virginia, and the Six Nations....the Commissioners from Virginia acquainted the Indians by a Speech, that there was a Williamsburg, a College with a Fund for Educating Indian youth; and that, if the Six Nations would send down half a dozen of their young lads to that College, the Government would take care that they should be well provided for, and instructed in all Learning of the White People. [The Indians’ spokesperson replied:] ....we know...that you highly esteem the kind of Learning taught in those Colleges, and that the Maintenance of our young Men, while with you, would be very expensive to you. We are convinc’d therefore, that you mean to do us Good by your Proposal; and we thank you heartily. But you, who are wise, must know that different nations have different Conceptions of things; and you will therefore not to take it amiss, if our Ideas of this kind of Education happen not to be the same as yours. We have had some Experience of it; Several of our young People were formerly brought up at the Colleges of the Northern Provinces; they were instructed in all your Sciences; but, then they came back to us, they were bad Runners, ignorant of every means of living in the Woods, unable to bear either Cold or Hunger, knew neither how to build a Cabin, take a Deer, or kill an Enemy, spoke our language imperfectly, were therefore neither fit for Hunter, Warriors, nor Counsellors; they were totally good for nothing. We are however not the less oblig’d by your kind Offer, tho’ we decline accepting it; and, to show our grateful Sense of it, if the Gentlemen of Virginia will send us a Dozen of their Sons, we will take great Care of their Education, instruct them in all we know, and make Men of them. --Benjamin Franklin, Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America From Diversity Perspectives for Social Work Practice by Anderson Carter. 2003, Publisher Allyn and Bacon. PROPHECY ROCK AT ORAIBI Arizona Hopi See the Prophecy Rock at Ora[i]bi picture from book listed below, and pay attention to the note which reads: “Representing the Hopi prophecy that offers the choice between the technological Path of the Two-hearted that leads to the destruction, or the planting Path of the One-hearted, that leads to the Creator. Courtesy of the Late David Monongye.” The picture shows one line drawn with men of technology, what looks like a swastika and UFO, etc. leading to the crooked mind path; the other line shows the path of a man planting corn in a field.” From article “Truth” about Daniel M. Salter as a member of the tribal Brotherhood of the Snake (French Comanche) reporting as a former CIA/NRO agent in the book Legends of the Star Ancestors, compiled by Nancy Red Star. See also http://thenewhumanity.blogspot.com/2008/01/hopi-life-plan-aka-prophecy-rock.html Note: It is not known whether or not The Prophecy Rock is “the real deal” or a modern sketch on rock by a trickster or other person. Either way, the ideas implicit in its message are usable. We need to distinguish between a life of the clever mind and body with an empty soul versus a life with a profound mind/heart/body unity which constitutes a full and whole soul. It is the difference between the hollow and the hallowed. FRANK CHARLES DUKEPOO Excerpt from http://genetics.ncai.org/enhancing_genomic_research.cfm: Dr. Frank Dukepoo (Hopi/Laguna) also questioned the bilagáana[1] (Western) approach to research, especially scientific research in American Indian/Alaska Native communities. Dr. Dukepoo always deferred to his Native culture and upbringing whenever he challenged the status quo. During one of his many talks, he questioned who makes the decision on whom, what and how people are studied in stating the following: So, from the Indian point of view, the Whites make the decisions. Who should identify human groups for genetic study? Indians are saying, well, why study it at all? For what reason? For what purpose? We have our own origin myths; we have our own concerns. Is this research valid? Are there promises made that maybe won't be kept? What is your rationale for doing this study anyway? Well, promises: medicinal promises, other kinds of promises: “we're going to tell you who you really are, where you really came from”(Dukepoo 1999). See also: http://www.ipcb.org/publications/primers/htmls/ipgg.html https://www4.uwm.edu/c21/conferences/geneticdiversity/dukepoo.html OTHER LINKS Farmington civil rights issues historically and today; includes story of 1974 incident when “three Navajo men were savagely beaten to death by teenagers from Farmington High School. The teens may have been ‘Indian rolling’, a slang term for abusing homeless Navajo inebriates.” http://www.pluralism.org/reports/view/68 updated 06/16/2016 updated 07/03/2016
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