-- THE NEW GAY WORLD Let’s go on a little thought experiment:  Imagine a world in which everyone is a gay male or lesbian and no one has babies anymore except by using sperm banks.  Heterosexuality shrinks and shrinks and becomes so unusual we hardly ever see people of the opposite sex getting married.  Males and females holding hands or otherwise seen displaying acts of affection in public have all but disappeared. See also: The Economist’s Victories Gay Rights Have Provoked Backlash Elsewhere 10/11/2014 (www.economist.com/news /leaders) http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21623668-victories-gay-rights-some-parts-world-have-provoked-backlash-elsewhere- gay This section is about how young males might be targeted by a hidden governmental underlayer as a take-over of the American system.  We are not saying homosexuality is bad; we are saying Watch Out!  - especially if you yourself are a young male, a parent of a young male, or a female lover of a young male in today’s world.  Imagine surveillance systems designed to quietly and secretly watch for young males as potential targets in places like college cafeterias, coffee shops, bus stations, airports, national chain stores, etc.  The internet dating systems, Facebook, Twitter,etc. are other ways people can be targeted.  Once a potential target is spotted, they send in a nice looking young man who just happens to have (or knows someone with) all the same interests as the target.  It’s designed to get conversations up and running.  In other words, inviting and non-suspicious ploys might be used to hook people or draw them in.  Once the young male embraces this one snagging male, he finds himself suddenly connected to a whole network of people.  The problem is that it all is part of a plan or design. it’s not really coming from this young man’s free will because he is being worked on.  His need for love, attention and sexuality is being manipulated by a large organization with lots of experience at this sort of thing because they have been doing it for years and years. In addition to system abuse, which can and often does include religiously related abuse, it appears homosexuality often comes from early childhood abuse which might not be directly related to these things.  As a psychic person with certain levels of empathic ability, I seem to be picking up a lot of strange things going on in people proclaiming themselves as naturally homosexual.  What I often pick up are images of early childhood abuse, patterns of holding their body as if from old abuse, and also the energy of other people who seem to be dominating or perpetrators in their space.  These things indicate to me that their choices in homosexuality are not coming directly from free will, but that these people have had things done to them which encourage directions in sexuality; sometimes they seem to sexually connect with people like their perpetrators, sometimes it is to avoid anything that reminds them of their perpetrators (so if the perpetrator was opposite sex, they go for people of the same sex to avoid those bad feelings) and sometimes it’s like they have the perpetrator inside them, like there is so much energy of that person in them they act out like the perpetrator.  That can mean in a woman, that perpetrator is connecting to other females in the same sexual way; it’s like the male perpetrator is running his energy through that female onto other females. Sometimes  in trying to stand up for themselves and create a space of equality in this country,the homosexual community ignores the pitfalls of system abuse and mind control.  It is such a quiet and insidious thing that many people don’t realize they are being used by a system that wants to replace old social patterns with those of vulnerability, conformity and obedience. Breaking down traditional family values which include heterosexuality as the way and paradigm can create a void of not only morality but identity. Why? We need to distinguish between a truly self-driven homosexual path from a path laid out for us by a government or other abusive system wanting to remove our protective barriers.  As mentioned elsewhere, I feel the Catholic Church is one religious organization that uses psychic energy to dominate people’s wills and that it is insidious.  The psychic energy can  come from prayer and Catholic psychics trying to take over a person’s sense of direction.  It can be a way to try to shift the energy of a person’s intention or orientation.  It seems to have an ownership attitude, like a person cannot have direction for herself and is nothing, so the church entity will take over her and manage things.  The concept of church ownership of bodies and souls as property should not be taken lightly.  The energy seems to want to draw everything into church domain.  Prayer is a type of energy which can come from the ego or mental will of a human personality and can be use as a psychic attack even when people tell themselves their intentions are good.  There is a strong sacrifice and martyr energy to some of the motivations behind church interference.  The idea is if a church member has disciplined him or herself to withhold from certain things of the world, then other people should do it, too.  There is also an underlying anger which is being taken out on other people because of the ongoing sense of sacrifice and control.  There is also a tendency to want to keep people away from nature and under the thumb of humans; they don’t want people to feel free and want to offer the idea that the only freedom is through a church-ordered regime which includes penitence, denial from worldly associations, humbleness which includes a shaming of sins orientation, and deference to masculine presences (even if they are mean and abusive.)  Breaking the will is paramount to move people into a lost and enfeebled state filled with low self esteem and uncertainty on some levels and anger and defiance on others.  Unless you have personally experienced these things on a psychic level as well as a physical one (which can include emotional abuse), it might be hard for you to believe or understand that the Catholic Church has some members with this kind of abusive psychic ability.  If I had a son or daughter attending Catholic private school, Sunday school, or regular church sessions, I would be concerned about church indoctrination on a psychic level.  Since this is outside the range of many people’s ability to think about or deal with, we can expect that the psychic side of the church will continue to buffalo people by sucking people into an order than on the surface looks often pretty and well-ordered but actually has some malignant tendencies.  We are not saying it is a given all Catholic churches are working psychic energy to abuse and control people, but it is suggested that you develop your sensibilities in these matters and realize that many churches - not just the Catholic church - have vested interests in money, prestige, attention, and continuity.  What this means for all the young males who have been abused by Catholic Church clergy and associated members is that counselors who later try to help these people might be missing large parts of the abuse package because it is in the metaphysical arena and even the victims might not know the full extent of their abuse and control.  The type of sexual abuse that occurred (is likely still occurring) in the Catholic church seemed to lead to predatory sexual behaviors above and beyond homosexuality in and of itself.  It is extremely sad that so many children of both sexes were victimized by the church which only tried to cover it up and protect itself. I think young males are particularly vulnerable to this system of abuse and control because of their biological tendencies in the sex drive.  I feel there might be a connection between mind, sex and body in males that makes them particularly vulnerable to sexual manipulation in certain ways. The idea of psycho-sexual is probably applicable.  Males know themselves and others through their sexual feelings; what goes on in the penis and in the head are closely linked.  Although females are targets of sexual and physical abuse in other ways, there is a certain thing that goes on with males in this whole subject which we really need to address frankly.  System abuses might be a misuse of the male bonding instinct, for one thing.   Males might feel there is no place to turn or that, being males, they are supposed to grin and bear it.  So when abuses run high and are secretive, they might find themselves in a world so alien to that of their parents and the broader society that they don’t feel they can reach out for help.  It’s like a language barrier.  There might be a whole set of symbols and understandings which don’t make immediate sense to non-participants of the abuse, so when an abused male tries to explain, he finds himself unable to bridge the communication gap.  This is where energy work can help; someone who is empathic and can pick up energy or even images as the victim tries to explain what has been happening to him might help fit together the missing pieces that don’t always come out right away in a verbal discussion.  It might take years before the male finally discusses the whole thing.  As I have mentioned elsewhere on this website, I feel there is a strong psychic and psychological component to certain kinds of abuses which give the males the idea that society does not help males they way it helps females.  There is still a cliche out there that men are stronger and more intelligent than women, so as such they are not allowed to cry over spilled milk.  Sexual arousal replaces identity, like “this is who I am.”  When the young males are forced into sexual activities they learn to associate with the mindsets and behaviors of their perpetrators.  It’s like a mental and emotional template is replicated and passed onto them.  The psychic and psychological links make children adults before their time.  They gain a whole set of habits and viewpoints from the older male figures who sexually abuse them.  It is important to distinguish this is me and that is you.  Then it is important to say “This is the me that is going to stand up for myself and tell my mother what is going on here.”  And if the mother does not support him, the young male should be saying “this is the me that is going to stand up for myself and tell the police.”  Learning to identify a Self that says no and finds the best possible person or group to reveal what has been happening is key to getting out of the problem and finding healing and support.  I would like more of us to study the wall of secrecy that is built around young male victims; I think this is a very important area of study. Here are some reasons why older men might target younger males: 1.  Jealousy.  Yes, jealousy.  Believe it or not, they might envy the younger male’s looks, purity, intelligence, and hope for the future.  Jealousy can cause someone to try to squash someone else’s good luck and good future, to try to take it from them. 2. Entraining the Fresh Fruit.  There is a feeling of grabbing the young fruit off the vine and teaching it the ways of the world.  Part of this is a desire to get at the young male while he i still fresh and juicy, pure and not yet of the world.  3.  Power trip.  The lust for power can be turned into a lust for sex.  The desire to dominate a younger male can be part of a need to overcome one’s own sense of inadequacy and fear of being impotent.  (Domination/submission category.) 4.  Games.  Head games, head trips.  It can be a version of the hunter-hunted males have often traditionally had in small packs in nature. Cat and mouse.  They go after a young male like they would a deer or rabbit.  (Domination/submission category.) 5.  Doubles.  The sense of twins or close others.  The need to connect with the self more deeply might be deflected into bringing in a surrogate that is “almost like me.”  It can be a way to put off dealing with inner issues by placing the attention on another male who distracts one from going within.  (Narcissism category) 6.  Male bonding gone the extra mile.  Traditionally, it has often been thought that one reason men do better in combat is their ability to have male bonding which promotes team spirit and morale.  Whether or not this is a real phenomena, the tendency to have closeness and rapport between males might be taken to the next level in sexuality. 7. It’s More Like Me.  Males can connect sexually with a deeper knowing of each other’s bodies and arousal tendencies.  It is  possible it might be easier to match brainwave length and connect telepathically because men know how the other thinks.  Men can identify with and keep up with each other’s sex drives.  Men can use the socially driven drive for intellectual strength by playing chess with each other over sex, romance and eroticism. (Narcissim category, see #5) 8.  Overcoming the sense of rejection, disempowerment, imbalance and miscommunication in sexual relationships with females.  Why imbalance?  Because females are strong and can have a good deal of energy power; they have the ability to make babies; and they don’t have vulnerable penises and hard on spaces like men do.  Penises can be hit and kicked creating great pain for a man.  In addition, when a man is in a hard on, he is vulnerable in a number of ways that females are not.  He is likely to open up more, be more generous, let his defenses down, etc.  If a woman is cold or uncaring, non-appreciative, non-receptive or non- empathic with a man, it can lower his sense of being in control or known.  These things all create an imbalance in the relationship between a man and woman.  If a man has had a bad connection sexually with females he might find a male who is going to nurture him by showing him that what she did not like is perfectly fine, lovable and enjoyable.  Males who are coming onto other males might be trying to demonstrate how this product is better than that one:  “See, I understand you.  See, I know what you want.  See, when you have a hard on like that I love it.”  We often hear in relationships between men and women that the women get tired of him always wanting sex, or that he was always horny.  It comes up in battered women stories.  Men keeping want sex when the women aren’t ready or have had enough.  It could be men often turn to each other because males can keep up with each other’s sex drives.  It is easier to talk the same language. Despite where the homosexuality originates, in those couples where love happens, there might be a higher love potential, oneness. By matching brainwaves, body types, sex drives and intellect, males might feel they move toward oneness with another male better.  Elation, friendship, adoration, and satisfaction can and do occur in these relationships to the point the couples feel a desire to present to the world their relationship as something more than just a fling or dating.  The removal of stop-gaps, definitions, lines, inhibitions, and precautions can and does often leave people wide open to corrupt systems bent on a take-over.  The ACLU has many gay/lesbian rights people trying to stop such take-overs, so this is not a universal given.  They support gay/lesbian legal marriages and freedom from discrimination but also want to stop system and surveillance abuse. So not everyone who is a gay/lesbian is a victim or a perpetrator within system abuses by any means.  What we are saying here is that by dismantling family units and cohesive social/cultural structures that historically were the main theme and glue holding people together, it might leave a vacuum.  These new groups of people might not be attached to the older family systems which once acted like self-protective clans and would have recognized a tyrannical system as the outside agency that it is. They would have sensed the disease for what it is.  It would have been easier to detect an alien combatant bent on laying waste to human rights because the landscape had known definable units.  Things fit into categories which allowed us to know insiders and outsiders.  That made it easier to identify the enemy.  The new gay world might be creating a previously unknown and untreaded space with people potentially less likely to thwart certain deprivations as long as they are being given the freedom to be homosexual.  Patterns might be set up without being provided a full range of options and a core issue of violation might be driving some people into homosexuality.  Sometimes we project that core issue onto other people as a way to get at a feeling of discomfort that is always lurking but somehow we cannot quite nail exactly what it is.  Sometimes people shift from being a Got Jesus type to an Inclusion advocate.  Both might carry the energy of the swing for a belief and a standard for group behavior with common tendencies to encourage people to speak and operate in certain ways.  People are swinging for a group motto with certain issues too sensitive or considered low form.  To be clear, many people in the homosexual community do not tolerate abuse including bestiality and there are misconceptions around this.   They can be some of the most inspired and dedicated voices against all kinds of abuse in the world, including child abuse.  Because someone has been abused does not mean they are inevitably going to become predators.  There are stereotypes about homosexuality which people within this community have to deal with constantly.  We must focus on love and acceptance as well as tolerance and free will when working with the complex issues of homosexuality.  This section is reminding us that system abuse might be working on us as a society in a way we do not realize and that some patterns of homosexuality might have an abuse component which encourages low self-esteem and a poor sense of personal boundaries in sexuality.  Also consider the possibility of female witches psychically attacking and maybe even taking over male bodies.  This sounds too out there for most people, but let’s throw it in the “what if” pile just in case.  If so, we are dealing with a covert female lurking around a male and letting him think he is really female in a male body.  She can be pushing his body language, dress code, hair style, mannerisms and more.  A psychic might be able to pick up the female around this male.  In some ways, this might be a type of possession.  It also could be one reason why so many men feel females are of Satan.  What we need to make clear is if there are female witches doing this, they have immature and misguided ideas of power and are not a true representation of all that is female.  They themselves could have been abused by males or could have been born into a witches coven.  Men must not make the mistake of assuming that femininity looks and feels a certain way or that all women are evil.  We need to be able to break up our generalizations into practical working pieces.  If you are psychic, try to get a feeling for what the woman looks like around a possessed or psychically attacked homosexual male.  See if you can pick up some of her facial expressions and body language running through his body.  Women who are doing this need to grow up, and we need to have a no-nonsense approach with them.  They have gotten lost in meanness and petty tyranny.  No one needs that. Obviously, not all forms of homosexuality can be attributed to abuse, psychic attack or possession but we need to consider the possibilities.  Jumping to the conclusion something is a possession is not a good idea, and please do not fall into that trap. 
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