ON THIS PAGE - Lethality to Others and Self:   Suicide    Suicide of Truthspeakers     Evolution of Violence/aggression suicide_lethality_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/07/2017_06/01/2016_12/02-03/2014_ SUICIDE This section comes from an earlier personal notes page.  It needs to be worked on further, but for now this will be left as is.  The main point is to discuss suicide as one of the main human issues of our times; it is a central topic in its own right.  Please also see the notes 6/14/2015 on an email from David Suzuki Foundation which covers the essence of real life beyond the superficial, which can help discourage thoughts of suicide in a crash and burn lifestyle, or one experiencing anomie. These altogether too brief sections on suicide are dedicated to James (Jim) R. Kirks and also to the suicided male teen (whom I did not know but heard about recently found dead in his home by his brother, both of Farmington, New Mexico.  Jim died around late August or early September of last year and was buried in an atmosphere of suppressed discussion and query.  He had originally lived in the Los Angeles area during the Rodney King incident and had moved to Farmington to leave the violence toward whites found there as well as general issues with high population and crime.  He might have lost his father earlier that year.  There might also have been about eight other San Juan County area suicides in the recent past which also deserve attention, but probably mostly for privacy are not getting out to the general public for a broader scope of query and investigation.   Although a specific area is discussed below, see if any of it fits into your region; smaller cities across the nation might have similar trends. One question I have in all this about suicide in Farmington is:  Are economic, social and religious pressures in the area increasing family difficulties and discouraging well-rounded help from getting to people who do not fit into certain structures?  Are the forms of help suggested for the mainstream bulk of Farmington simply inadequate for people outside the mold?  Will families suppress real help from getting in if that help does not fit into their value systems or if they feel people will talk about them?  Are the avenues for support being limited by families who are worried about their image in town and adamant about certain ways of looking and thinking about things?  Do people who start asking deeper questions outside the mainstream religions being pressured on people in this area suffer for lack of emotional support in the form of a kind of shunning?  As a reverse to this, do people have to shun the religious community in order to preserve an identity that refuses to be dominated by it?  In that process, do people go inward and lose emotional support?  The cowboy culture, with its high demands for masculinity and higher than minimum wage income, might also encourage a tendency to keep emotions suppressed and to gossip about anyone who seems strange according to their version of reality.  There might be a one-upmanship and image competition going on with big trucks and SUVs, for one thing - as well as which housing neighborhood you live in.    This creates another type of shunning or isolation.  Beyond this, anyone who is from outside the area originally might have a hard time fitting into the old-time families and social networks and might go without adequate support systems. I have tried to use simple engine searches on “Suicides in San Juan County, New Mexico” or Youth Suicides in Farmington” - etc. and am not coming up with anything like newspaper articles and such.  Do any of you have more information on this? I have not spent a lot of time on this and have not thoroughly used a variety of search engines, so my review of this remains superficial.   My concern is that suicide  in this area is not being given the attention and non-partisan review it deserves.  Because Farmington is such a cloistered and special interest group networked area, things can fall through the cracks.  It is not always the case - there are definitely times the news takes on a more objective slant on issues.  We cannot assume that the news on things like this never gets out.  It’s just that people can have such a hold on inner family workings that things like suicide might not get out to the public beyond through a casual verbal exchange around town.  Because the topic of suicide can be traumatic for families, people might feel so sensitive that they don’t want a large number of people coming at them with questions and going around town gossiping.  For this reason, suicide seems to not get published in the obituaries or through newspaper articles less often than other types of deaths.  In the case of some recent ones I have personally heard about, there seems to be little or no disclosure to the local newspaper although I heard that one of them did get into the papers although in a low key way.  The problem with non-disclosure of suicide is that if there is a problem in a household or a trend due to some externally related problem in the area, the public will not be able to respond effectively.  My concern with the San Juan County area is that family problems do go on for long periods of time without outside intervention.  People assume their own family problems are hard enough and that there are enough secrets that they don’t want to get involved in other family issues.   My information about a male adult suicide in the area about a year and a half ago in Farmington was never once published in the newspaper as far as I can tell and his burial was private.  The family did not want Farmington to know or talk about it.  In addition, my information about nine youth suicides in the area including one in the past two weeks came from an informal and personally unknown conversational source.  This young man whose name I cannot disclose indicated personal knowledge of several youth suicides in Farmington’s recent past, including someone he knew personally who was to have a funeral service at St. Mary’s Catholic Church the following day.  In this case, the brother apparently found the body in the home.  When I checked the local newspaper, however, I could not find anything on this.  I ask that people do their own search and also provide any information they would like to truthspeak@thegoldenriver.net.  I think the wall of secrecy around suicides in San Juan County is part of the problem of keeping people from getting help in the area before it is too late.  My personal feeling is there is an attitude in San Juan County for secrets and conformity which is partly what is stressing out people to the point they feel despair and do suicide.  It is hard to explain, but I have noticed for years there is a social pressure in the area which pocket holes people into certain categories and based on that, you are either “in” or not.  In addition, I heard the young man talking about his friend’s suicide mention that the pressure in schools today is more than many youth can emotionally handle, that grading styles/procedures have changed, testing is pressure-oriented, and so on. To do research on suicide in Farmington, it is going to take people with more time and hands on access to obituary files and police reports than the average citizen.  Because this is not my forte’ and because I have other things I am working on currently, I am going to have to let the research on this go despite the fact I had earlier indicated I would try to get a handle on the topic.  I will say to you that as a psychic person with a certain limited range of ability, I have some affinity with this topic.  I often pick up something in the air, so to speak, around the time of other people’s suicides even though I don’t know at the time what is going on - I put two and two together later.  Also, I empathize with the people.  In addition, I pick up a  certain level of ghost energy around things.  I might not know exactly what is going on but it’s like something taps my shoulder and says “Pay attention to this.”  So I know that the suicide issue is something that is speaking to me, saying “Pay attention” but I don’t have the ability right now to dig further and get at more facts.  I am sorry.  But in the meantime, I ask others of you in San Juan County and beyond to look into these things and see if you can get anywhere with more information.   What I am picking up, as I often do, is that young males in the area might not be getting the support that they should. I know that I often comment on male domination and the hardships on females because of this,but I also am sensitive to young males really needing love and support in the area.  I feel that the harsh qualities found in demanding masculinity to be a certain way, or the religious conformity issues, the fear of the Devil, the drinking and drugs, the tensions between Navajos, Mexican Americans and whites, the worries about upcoming adulthood and money/jobs/success etc. all come together to make things quite stressful for some of the youthful males of the area, and my heart really does go out to them.  Families often don’t like to have the rest of the community know their loved one committed suicide for privacy reasons, but it can also include the fact that things were not right in the home and that people know more than they want to talk about.  Also, in some cases we might have homicides that look like murder but there is not enough data to reveal this.  I think there is so much energy around a suicide that it leaves an imprint in the energy field around the deaths that can be picked up by others.  I also think that sometimes the people who die like that come back as ghosts and try to communicate with us to help us know what happened or to get at more information - I had goosebumps the minute I saw Gary Webb’s photo on the internet when doing research in June 2015; I was knew to his story and situation, which reveals my ignorance.  But now I feel a more inner quality of connection.  I also think maybe he was into some things that were not above board, felt it right off the bat when Isaw his photo.  But I also feel that was he was writing about deserves attention.  ; in addition, it is possible that other ghosts around in some way try to help us gain clarity.  Beyond that, I think our feelers can sense that something more is needed  in terms of information or review - it’s like the energy around the event sets up some information that calls out for more investigation.  I don’t currently feel I talk consciously to ghosts, but I feel their energy and also lately it has come up that possibly I am getting closer to seeing and hearing them, possibly through outside intervention of hidden teachers.  Hidden teachers are people who are living who come into our lives without revealing their physical form.  We suddenly gain more insights and know more what to do because of them but we don’t always know why.  Sometimes I start seeing things I did not have the ability to see before and I start to say to myself, Ah, I am growing, then I slow down and say to myself, “Maybe a new teacher has come in.  It is to that teacher, then, I owe my new insights and gifts.”  This is humbling and keeps things in perspective. Some suicide statistics in New Mexico: “The suicide rate in New Mexico has consistently been 1.5 - 2 times the U.S. rate.  Suicide rates in New Mexico have not changed significantly over the period 1995-2009, while the U.S. rate has declined slightly.  In 2007, the age-adjusted suicide rate in NM was 72% higher than the US age-adjusted rate.” https://ibis.health.state.nm.us/community/highlight/profile/SuicDeath.Cnty/GeoCnty/45.html New Mexico suicide prevention assistance - general and youth: http://www.nmsuicideprevention.org/resources/local-resources/ http://www.nmsuicideprevention.org/youth/ suicideoftruthspeakers_lethality_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/07/2017 SUICIDE OF TRUTH SPEAKERS WHEN PUSHERS AGAINST CONSPIRACY AND TYRANTS TAKE THEMSELVES OUT The question of direct and indirect homicide Excerpt from Al Giordano 2004 Narcosphere Here is a bit on the suicide of reporter Gary Webb and suicide in general - not represented here as factual, but as a view on suicide (it might have been murder) by the journalistic website Narcosphere.  This writer provides a perspective on certain stresses in American society which can contribute to suicide, particularly if people tend to have a more intense need for truth and don’t like to let things slide by just shrugging the shoulders and saying “Oh, well, it’s not my problem.”   Also there is a discussion of why it might not be a good idea to tell someone who is talking about suicide to go get a therapist, much like when people are sick many suggest they just go take a pill. This writer is talking to an audience of a group of fellow journalists encouraging them to be sincere and truthful; it is possible he himself has issues, maybe even over Gary, that he is not bringing out into the open.  We can also ask whether the list of suicides he mentions is legit - has he moved into high drama and journalistic fiction, or is this for real?  Whatever the case may be, there is a poignancy about this piece which speaks to the heart and offers meaningful insights and advise.   Source:  http://narcosphere.narconews.com/notebook/al-giordano/2004/12/gary-webb-do-what-he-did: Excerpt: Well, listen the fuck up, everybody. Especially those of you from the J-School who shared this network with Gary and me and scores of others: Society doesn’t allow us to talk about suicide. Fuck society. I’m going to talk about it now. Have you ever told a friend that you were thinking of killing yourself? Do you know what happens when you do? You will be told, “get a therapist.” You will be accused of blackmail. People will view it as “not normal,” and look for easy answers: substance abuse? Mental “disorders”? What does the DSM-IV book have to say in diagnosing you? The great majority of people panic at the mere suggestion of suicide: They want to wash their hands of your pain, and turn you over to the psychiatric “authorities.” If you confess suicidal ideations in the United States, you can be committed to an asylum against your will. You can’t trust anybody. And that, of course, compounds your sense of isolation, the sad understanding that nobody, absolutely nobody, is there for you or cares enough to help as you define the exact help you seek. The moment you confess you are thinking of suicide, you become an enemy to the illusions of peace of mind that others cling to desperately. I know something about suicide. It is never a solitary crime. As Antonin Artaud once wrote about Vincent Van Gogh taking his own life: “Van Gogh was suicided by society.” I know a lot about suicide and the kind of people who choose it. Gary is not the first, nor, I fear, the last, friend and colleague to apparently choose that route. And nothing can be done to bring him back. But wake the fuck up and look around you. In this network, I know at least two journalists who have been seriously considering suicide in recent weeks. They’ve gone beyond mere “ideations” to having an actual plan. Ironically, both have chosen the same route Gary chose: A gunshot to the head. They have each figured out how to get the gun. They have a plan that will work if they choose it. And I have spent much of the past two months trying to talk them both down from the ledge. human violence_humanissues_updates_ updated 06/01/2016 HUMAN VIOLENCE:  GENETIC? BBC: Humans have been committing murder for millions of years. Richard Wrangham. (video clip) http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20160509-humans-have-been-committing-murder-for-millions-of-years Demonic Males Apes and the Origins of Human Violence By Richard Wrangham and Dale Peterson Chapter One: Paradise Lost http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/style/longterm/books/chap1/demonicmales.htm ASU: Study finds lethal aggression natural in chimps Excerpt: This study represents the first effort to test the human impact versus adaptive strategies hypothesis, which views killing as an evolved tactic to increase access to territory, food, mates or other benefits. Analysis of 152 lethal attacks finds that it is clear that lethal aggression directed toward members of other groups is part of the natural behavioral repertoire of chimpanzees – sometimes chimpanzees kill each other, regardless of human impact. However, bonobos were not observed to kill other bonobos, whatever the level of human impact. https://asunow.asu.edu/content/study-finds-lethal-aggression-natural-chimpanzees
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