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RESPONSE TO ANTI-ABORTION VIEWS (Including Anti-Abortion Signs) A WISE SOCIETY REDUCES UNWANTED PREGNANCIES BY PROMOTING THE EDUCATION, STATUS & WELFARE OF WOMEN raisingthebarforwomen_civilrights_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/06/201 Raising The Bar For Women Local and Universal Banner, Flier, Poster, etc. RAISING THE BAR FOR WOMEN PROMOTING Respectful, Courteous Treatment of Women Diverse Forms of Jobs and Economic Development Diverse Forms of Education Excellent Sex Education Culture-Specific Support Cross-Racial/Cultural Communication abortiondisclosurewebsitestance_civilrights_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/06/2017_06/09/2016 ABORTION: DISCLOSURE OF WEBSITE STANCE This website promotes pro-choice with increased opportunities for non-abortion measures.  In the United States, this is largely known as a liberal orientation. Understand fully that human life is of value, and an unborn child’s life is of value: there is no disagreement on that issue.  However, the sad reality is that abortion gets caught up in a whole snare of other political and religious agendas.  People are misusing the abortion idea to get at women.  It’s horrible.  They are pretending to care about babies when in fact they want to control women.  Or…they both care about babies and want to control women.  It is often not as clear-cut about save the babies as many people think because the agendas are often self-serving.  For example, religionists often want to make those babies into carbon copy religionists, in the image of those who are trying to save them.  They are not saving the babies for life only, but to make more religious people who think and speak like they do.  They are bringing life into the world to promote an agenda.  If people are helping to promote kindness with an altruistic sincerity - great - but if they are doing it to promote one religion and to snag or hook somebody, be careful.  The theory on this website is that the other possible issue surrounding anti-abortion is double-speak.  By this we mean the idea of putting something out there, like an anti-abortion sign, and suspecting that it comes from a cultish group (possibly based out of the United Kingdom) that has a long history of killing babies.  In other words, there are a number of lesser known groups who partake in sacrifices (including that of babies), torture and the worship of what people often refer to as pagan gods (or one god like Satan or Baal).  It’s an old system going back to Sumerian times or earlier. These people are adept in psychic manipulation.  They use the ideas around killing the unborn and born to manipulate energy and ideas in a strange way.  They embed layers of guilt around abortion like skilled craftsman melding various ores into a finished steel product.  They are getting inside other people’s religions to twist ideas.  They channel ideas into a river leading to a lake of non-caring.  Included in that detachment from feeling is the killing of babies and other living beings including animals, humans and the planet’s life networks as a whole.  Double-speak and double-think means crafting one set of elements  into another set of products.  It means making one thing look and sound like something else.  The people handling the anti-abortion signs that are put out all across the United States are possibly linked to a murderous cult messing with people’s heads.  One way they do this is to manipulate guilt by weaseling around it in a weird way. There is a dirty and nasty undercurrent against females that cannot and must not be ignored.  There are so many obvious and more subtle ways that women are discriminated against that men don’t realize how bad it is.  Because men don’t get it, they don’t understand why a child’s life compares to those issues.  In addition, something happens to some women when it comes to religion - they become bossy to other women.    Women can be very dominating toward other women and just as discriminatory in their own way.  So there are women out there who don’t get it either because they are too busy being a part of the problem and not a part of the real solution for women’s fair treatment.  They not only don’t stand up to the crowd  they are a part of the crowd. On this website, we don’t pretend to suggest that a baby is not a human while in the fetus.  We don’t pretend to know for sure when consciousness comes about during fetal growth.  Because of the psychic orientation here, we suspect consciousness might already be there before egg fertilization.  The entity might be pre-conscious between life cycles.  We therefore suspect life after death.  But….there is an additional human being here to consider, and that is the woman.  The woman also counts, is a human life to consider.  Society, husbands, boyfriends and churches do not own or control that woman. Because people are often misusing the patriarchal orientations in certain (not all) male-first homosexual communities and religious fundamentalist ones, women’s rights have to be considered against great odds.  Abuse of females is widespread.  It’s all over the planet, it’s a huge problem.  The abortion issue gets wrapped up in power plays over women.  Women who feel sorry for the babies and don’t want people killed inside the womb can be understood.  We understand their concerns for human life.  Killing is never positive or good.   But….stripping women’s rights around the abortion issue must also be taken seriously because if it is not, we could wind up with a planet that is one big Taliban.  It is highly likely a fascist orientation is behind the increased anti-abortion measures in the United States, a fascist orientation that is permeating the religious groups. Religious fundamentalism is like a virus; it feeds on itself by getting people into a state of fervor and group think.  The first people to go in that diseased climate are the women.    When challenged, religious extremists often become stubborn, defiant, retaliative and aggressive.  It’s across the board in many religions.  They are so glad to have an anthem, a theme song, a sense of identity and purpose; their anthem is their sense of voice in connection with their religion.  Identity - the sense of being somebody with an idea - comes up in religion because people often take what other people tell them and turn it into reality without going within to get the answers themselves.  Some of it is mesmerism, hypnotism, hypnotic swaying in those churches, complete with music, sermons, charismatic leaders, subtle and not so subtle messages.  Whole communities can fixate on certain ideas and use group pressure to get others to think the same way, and then to exclude or punish those who don’t fit in.   Every man who feels superior or at least neutral to women’s concerns should come back in their next life as a woman to obtain a first hand experience of what it feels like.  1. Women’s human rights: fair play and true equal opportunity for women of all races including education of both women and the public.  Women are people with feelings and have animal bodies (bodies evolved in natural processes like the rest of animals) just like men have animal bodies.  This means they have a right to deal with issues in a natural manner like sex and other bodily functions without prescriptions on behavior which mask that naturalness.  Abortion is tied to sex and can get caught up in sexual rules and rules for women brought on by mostly religious groups.  Human rights for women often includes bypassing unfair rules and taboos brought on by heavy religious orientations.  These orientations are usually patriarchal with a male dominating approach which is taken on by both men and women in these groups.  Some of the loudest protesters against abortion are other women, often associated with patriarchal religious groups.  The “right to life” of the baby becomes a political agenda against women so that by taking that right to choose away, other rights are stripped as well.  Taking away the right to abortion is a first step toward annihilating many or even all other women’s rights.  The abortion issue masks other agendas against women.  There is absolutely no doubt about whatsoever that abortion is being used to take women down and out so that what gains they have made will be destroyed.  Envision some of the most right-wing religious groups and know they are mostly the ones behind anti-abortion and that without question their agendas go beyond just abortion.  But as this website points out, there are theories about additional conspiracy groups behind the right-wingers, people like the Nazis or Zionists.  They often use women against other women.  There is nothing worse than the snide and arrogant approaches that many of  these right-wing communities apply toward women. Sometimes the agendas are downright sneaky and snaky.  They often prey on the low education levels of certain communities and keep their adherents under tab by feeding them narrow channels of information.   Whole communities can act like cults on the topic of abortion even if they are divided up into apparently different religious groups. 2. Racial unfairness goes both ways:  Recognizing the unique needs of both whites and persons of color.  Understand the tensions between races even found in social services facilities where trained staff should know better.   Understand clearly that in the United States (and perhaps elsewhere around the globe) that your skin color and culture can mean something when you try to get help.   Traditionally, persons of color have been discriminated against, but we are seeing a reversal of these trends in certain arenas around the country.  Getting an abortion might include stresses and strains in dealing with poverty and poor treatment based on race and culture found in shelters and other human services organizations.  One of the ways staff who are not white can discriminate against whites is through sullen behaviors in which they don’t really try or don’t go the extra mile with whites.  We have a whole mix of whites in the United States whose needs are not being met by white-fundamentalist and minority staffed shelters.    3. Alternatives  Alternative legitimate sources for giving the baby away once born and education of that in an easily accessible way without being sucked into religious or cultist agendas.  Understand clearly that certain religious groups that take in unsuspecting and vulnerable pregnant women often want to take control of both the woman and the child in terms of deep programming and mind control.  These groups are very egotistical and aggressive, but pretend they are humble and doing “God’s work.”  Legitimate ways to give up the baby rather than abort can be more difficult and the woman might worry about having a child around who knows she gave it up. They are likely doing the work of their own egos and following the dictates of the crowd.  Pressures to conform can be very strong in smaller cities where everyone knows each other.  Certain religious leaders and groups have fed them repeated mesmerizing pulp fiction relayed as “fact.”  Real solutions demand that we make our choices free from religious dogma and aggressive campaigns designed to keep women obediently in their place, which is really outside the world of decision making and making solid incomes in a wide variety of fields, not just “female” fields.   Men still dominate a large proportion of certain career fields and it is really difficult to break into those fields both from the technical training end and once on the job because of the male teachers, students and co-workers who give these women trouble.  Having an abortion or giving the baby away might have a lot to do with who is around giving support.  4. Government/religious  Increased support during pregnancy in a variety of forums - not just conservative, fundamental Christian or heavily religious - including truly accessible lower cost housing in safe, self-respecting areas, for people of all color.  Understand clearly that religious orientation in support systems (like shelters or counseling) can be and often most definitely is discriminatory along religious lines.  It often has to do with attitudes, what is said to patrons, how they are treated and entire approaches to women, poverty, sex and relationship.   In the United States, there can be no place to go other than religious shelters for help.  This stress adds to the issues surrounding poverty, pregnancy and keeping children.  Religious groups do not  have all the answers when it comes to poverty during pregnancy.  In addition government aid programs can be filled with all kinds of bureaucratic problems.  A such, women might choose to abort rather than deal with religious groups or government welfare programs during times of financial burden when having children is an added strain to an already impoverished situation.  Abortion might be chosen during times of instability with few real choices for real help. 5. Backlash   Recognizing that there is a backlash in effect against females with hidden agendas in the anti-abortion movement and that things are not as they seem in that movement.  Many men are letting certain sexual and aggressive postures in their own personalities and personal lives interfere with their judgment on abortion.   Much of this is ego, but some of it is guilt over previous/ongoing bad behavior with women in the sense that by being abusers they don’t want to admit they are wrong.  Being filled with feelings they don’t want to deal with, these men turn up the dial on anti-abortion behaviors as if it will drown out their mistakes with women.  Many people are using abortion as a political statement, not a moral one.  In addition, many women who support anti-abortion are under the thumbs of fundamentalist religions which teach them to take a back row on just about everything in their lives, including their own bodies.  The women become their own enemies and that of other women by deferring to other men and their religious orders.  The churches do not have all the answers, men do not have all the answers and other women advising women also do not have all the answers.  Each person must think for themselves and not be persuaded by emotionally driven group think, power plays, guilt and secretive cults trying to suck in the unwary. womensrights_civilrights_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/06/2017_06/16/2016 WOMENS RIGHTS Groups, etc. Womens Liberation Organization.   http://www.womensliberation.org Stop Patriarchy Excerpt: Stop Patriarchy is a group for everyone who wants to FIGHT to STOP the enslavement of women. Not politely lobby against it. Not grumble at the TV. Not simply post things on Twitter. And definitely not sit around waiting for those in power to “come to their senses.” It is also a movement for everyone who can be won to see the need for this – we are fighting aggressively to change minds and to grow and deepen and escalate until we succeed in changing everything.  http://www.stoppatriarchy.org/   see also http://www.stoppatriarchy.org/who-is-sunsara-taylor.html Naral Excerpt: http://www.naral.org/?referrer=https://www.google.com/ We are made up of pro-choice women and men across the United States. Together, we're protecting and expanding reproductive freedom. How do we support the right to choose, exactly? We lobby Congress to convince your elected representatives to support your right to choose. We organize women and men to make sure that lawmakers hear from the pro-choice people they represent. We connect what happens in Congress or in the states to how it affects your ability to make private decisions, like choosing legal abortion. We work with our state affiliates to advance ideas that are good for women's freedom. We fight back against the bad ideas that threaten our privacy. NARAL Pro-Choice America uses the political process to elect lawmakers who share our pro- choice values and defeat candidates who don't. We are passionate about our work—and we couldn't do our job without the great people who stand with us. That's why Fortune Magazine has described NARAL Pro-Choice America as "one of the top 10 advocacy groups in America." RH (reproductive health) Reality Check Excerpt:  http://rhrealitycheck.org/ RH Reality Check is a daily publication providing news, commentary and analysis on sexual and reproductive health and justice issues. RH Reality Check is guided by the issues and recommendations identified in the Program of Action agreed on at the International Conference on Population and Development at Cairo in 1994. Protection is our watchword—we are contributing to the global effort to empower people with the information, services and leadership they need to safeguard their sexual and reproductive health and rights against false attacks and misinformation Amnesty International http://www.amnestyusa.org/our-work/issues/women-s-rights/women-s-health-sexual-and-reproductive-rights Mao Hengfeng as reported by Amnesty International Mao Hengfeng, a human rights defender in China, a wife, and a mother of three, has just been released from her most recent bout of detention and torture — an experience so brutal that her life is at urgent risk. Her crime? Advocating on behalf of women’s reproductive rights, the victims of forced evictions in Shanghai, and other Chinese human rights defenders. Mao’s most recent arrest was a result of her protest in front of the Beijing municipal intermediate court expressing support for human rights activist and Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo. On March 4, 2010, Mao was sentenced to 18 months in Re-education Through Labor. While in detention, Mao suffered torture and abuse at the hands of the guards, the police, and even other inmates who were instructed to beat her. Her health deteriorated so dramatically that she was released on medical parole on February 22, 2011, but detained again a mere two days later. http://blog.amnestyusa.org/women/mao-hengfengs-bittersweet-homecoming/ http://www.amnestyusa.org/our-work/issues/women-s-rights/women-s-health-sexual-and-reproductive-rights Leaving Quiverfull Movement (Radical Christian Fundamentalism) Article With Links To Support For Xojane.com: Author Vyckie Garrison (Oct 2014) http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/vyckie-garrison-leaving-quiverfull-movement
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