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02/23-25/2018 Friday; some editing/additions made later after original post; 02/24/2018-photos/totalitarian added02/25/2018 sources added - Frank Gaffney Course - Muslim Brotherhood added 02/25/2018-Anti-abortion visual domain turfing: Another kind of totalitarianism? Fetishism?  - added 02/24/2018-Photos of anti-abortion bumper sticker covered white car in Farmington, New Mexico about 2-3 blocks north of old Catholic Church located on corner of 20th Street and Farmington Avenue.  Several anti-abortion signs in that general area Anti- abortionists seek dominance - might be obsessed with control of a whole community’s beliefs - when linked to cultural and racial agendas, could this sort of thing fuse with or at least work alongside Islamic extremists?  Could Hispanic minority issues get mixed in with Shariah agendas?  To date, many Catholics never really took responsibility for the wide-scale priest sexual abuses.  There were many cover-ups.  Are they using the theme of anti-abortion to distract the public and their own diminishing congregations from the priest scandals?  Is there an old historic cultural tendency between Islam and Spanish Catholics passed down from Spain through the southwestern United States?  Witchcraft, cultism, Male-First Males? (see this website in Personal Notes)  Ritualism?  How much of Hispanic Catholicism is actually an old Ottoman Empire culture passed down through the generations? Watch for Islamic psychical embedding in Christian religious right groups See Point to Point, Point to Pitch on this website.  Embedding might include redirecting tendencies for submission to a spiritual authority found in one religion to submission in general, changing it beneath the surface to Mohammed and Shariah ways - coaxing deference and mindless obedience - the people think they are still doing it for Jesus but it is really about an old kingship mode, toward a central group elite.  The Shariah invaders possibly are changing things from the inside out - even getting anti-Shariah types to say and write things which are loaded for Islam in certain ways.  If true, it might it come in through the film crew and directors hired to do the documentaries, or to say things like we are losing the war which creates subliminal programming for self-defeat and low morale; sometimes it might be subliminal tones or messages in the documentaries.  There might be coded messages of various kinds embedded in these seemingly honest, instructive and Shariah-challenging materials.  The embedding could be about power, obsession, the mesmerism that comes from saying things over and overa desire to use race and culture to come across as more informed, admirable and spiritual than other people. You can have both authentic, factual and useful material and  latently hostile material in information provided by the Christian religious right about Shariah, in other words.  People who want to give you the truth about Shariah and the need to protect America might have a fundamentalist bias.  This bias might be that there is no hope if people don’t accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  That is, for these Christians the issue is about good versus evil in terms of converting people to Christianity along certain trajectories.  They want to reset the balancing scale, to over-turn what they feel is a war being lost.  No Jesus, no hope, the world is doomed.  Strangely enough, some of these trajectories might actually be Islamic- -especially the notion of Lord equals king equals caliphate.   Islamicists might be redirecting focus and energy toward  points involving a caliphate and global imperial Islamic state (derived via global jihadism) using Christians as pawns.  A subtle psychological motive for Christians might be sublimated power - you might not love me or accept me for who I am, but Jesus does.  You as a woman might not give me power as head of household and man things in community and nation,  but Jesus does.  In short, Jesus at once becomes a child’s teddy bear as well as an alternate ego.  The alter-ego is the person’s way of pretending it honorably submits to Jesus who has all the power - while in reality subconsciously applying their own wishes, inclinations, frustrations and competitiveness.  This might include a desire for appeasement or the power to have the final word on the subject. In this sense, watch for point to point/pitch Islamic psychical embeddings into Christian motifs without Christians realizing it.  Perhaps slowly they are being turned inside out.  Religious right people might need to learn to take honest criticism and be willing to change their ways to keep up with these insidious possibilities.  We could be dealing with stealth-based Shariah Civilization Jihad* here - a highly planned and organized system.  One of the Shariah goals seems to be to Make the Other Guy Look Bad  (see this website) by having Christians come across as totalitarian (ie, nationalist/fascist) to counter ideas that the Shariah Islamicists are actually that way - to reconstruct the reality around and within these Christians. We need to fight Islamic terrorism using the best of the input of the religious right, but to stay well-grounded in church and state separation and common sense.  * from notes in 02/23/notes moved to the above sections A Course in Parts Presented by Frank Gaffney: Civilization Jihad in America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PENiSQF-aJ8&list=PLF834C7965BEA6BCC&index=4 The Threat Doctrine of Shariah and the Muslim Brotherhood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs0xw5hPWVQ&list=PLF834C7965BEA6BCC&index=3
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