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Page Started: 2018/11/20 See also: Russian Issues Russian Hacks     Electronic Warfare/Jamming     Oil & Gas Companies     Russia/Iraq Oil & Kurds Keep in mind state-controlled news in Russia Start Here: Russian Hacks Forbes: (2018/08/15)Cutting Through The 'Fake News:' Proof That Russia Is Hacking Everyone (2018/8/15) https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2018/08/15/cutting-through-the-fake-news-proof-that-russia-is- hacking-everyone/#4995535b78f0 Electronic Warfare/Jamming C4isrnet: (2018/05/01)Russian threat is an ‘eye opener’ for Marines. By: Mark Pomerleau https://www.c4isrnet.com/electronic-warfare/2018/05/01/the-marines-are-preparing-for-russias-eye-opener- threats/ Excerpt: The U.S. military is finding encounters with electronic warfare capabilities and jamming — like those recently impacting communications and AC-130s in Syria — increasingly common, confirming the reality that future operations will almost certainly be in degraded environments. Business Insider:2019/02/08) Sweden built russian fighter jet https://www.businessinsider.com/sweden-built-a-russian-fighter-jet-killer-and-stealth-is-irrelevant-2019-2 The Gripen E can't carry the most weapons and has no real stealth. And it isn't the longest-range, fastest, or even cheapest jet. But it has a massive and respected electronic-warfare capability. Oil and Gas Companies Forbes: (2018/08/22)Russia's Gazprom Is Investing More In Oil & Gas Worldwide Than Rival Exxon. By  Kenneth Rapoza https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2018/08/22/russias-gazprom-is-worlds-biggest-energy-investor/#62d4c9ac355 Intellinews:  Oil cause Russia’s outsized corruption problem http://www.intellinews.com/oil-is-the-cause-of-russia-s-outsized-corruption-problem-118354/ Russia is by far the world's largest natural gas exporter. Most, but not all, authorities believe that Russia has the world's largest proven reserves of natural gas. Sources that consider that Russia has by far the largest proven reserves include the US CIA (47.6 trillion cubic meters),[6] the US Energy Information Administration (47.8 tcm),[7] and OPEC (48.7 tcm).[8] However, BP credits Russia with only 31.3 tcm as of 1 January 2014,[9] which would place it in second place, slightly behind Iran (33.1 to 33.8 tcm, depending on the source). In addition to having the world's largest proven reserves of natural gas, according to US Geological Survey estimations, Russia is also likely to have the world's largest volume of still-undiscovered natural gas: a mean probable volume of 6.7 trillion cubic meters. The USGS estimate of Russia's undiscovered oil is 22 billion barrels, second in the world only to those of Iraq.[10] The biggest Russian oil company is Rosneft followed by Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz, Gazprom Neft and Tatneft.[12] All oil trunk pipelines (except Caspian Pipeline Consortium) are owned and operated by the state-owned monopoly Transneft and oil products pipeline are owned and operated by its subsidiary Transnefteproduct. Gazprom (Russia's state-run natural gas monopoly; world's biggest gas exploration and production company) Lukoil Rosneft (State-owned Russian oil and gas exploration company) Surgutneftegas Tatneft Northgas Transneft (Russia's pipeline monopoly) Bashneft (Russian oil refining company one of the largest producer of oil products in the country) Russneft Itera Novatek Rusneftegaz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petroleum_industry_in_Russia Financial Times: Rosneft chief Igor Sechin refuses to appear at corruption trial https://www.ft.com/content/08135784-cf7d-11e7-9dbb-291a884dd8c6 Oil & Iraq/Kurd/Russian Relations Reuters: (2018/04/19) The great Russian oil game in Iraqi Kurdistan. Dmitry Zhdannikov https://www.reuters.com/article/us-rosneft-iraq-insight/the-great-russian-oil-game-in-iraqi-kurdistan-idUSKBN1HQ1R3 Kurdistan, a region of about 6 million people in northern Iraq, had just tried and failed to break away from the rest of the country. Baghdad had dismissed the Sept. 25 independence referendum and sent in troops to seize control of key oilfields - Kurdistan’s main source of income.Now Sechin, one of the closest allies of President Vladimir Putin, said that given Baghdad’s reluctance to work with Rosneft, his firm would instead do business with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), which showed “a higher interest in expanding strategic cooperation”.
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