Birds of a Feather Reflection
BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER Choose your allies wisely If you tend to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs, your best friends are not the ones who encourage you to stay down by partying with you. Your real friends want you clean and sober your real friends are honest about themselves and about you Sometimes you have to clean house, you just have to Don’t burn bridges with the ones who at least tried trying can be a stepping stone not perfect… but a stepping stone Let a stepping stone be enough don’t burn your bridges with your real friends, your clean and sober friends. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the helper and helpee right, to find the right paces to shift from choreography to essence to stop the dance and just dig in And sometimes you are helping each other maybe it doesn’t seem so at first Wounded souls, misaligned addicts often hear pain in others, the spoken and unspoken cries Saying things from the blue zeroing in to the core in moments of profundity zap you to a new dimension take a breath and hear Berating is not a stepping stone the berating helper is no helper berating is downer talk it takes us off course The real helper may show emotion, but mostly quiet and firm equal and direct, like across a table not talking down, as from a pedestal Straight like an arrow constant in pointing home like the shiply compass and tower ashore But addiction strewn burly and bent from shape man or woman filled with strife from another time and place Foul and fiery tongued addict lies and blunt force sneaky guises, lofty spongue sucking energy fom our core For those clean and sober ones with stepping stone ways would take our friend down another trail Love endures True of all spiritual paths Alignment, Will, Intent Love, Hope, Faith and Luck Luck something sorting wheat from chaff It’s in the air On psychic encounters - added on Jan. 30 2020 On this website, you will find a mix of two worlds - the world of the facts, figures, data and news stories - with the latter often a source of information, but not something any of us can rely on without further checks. The other world is the world of the far zone, the one involving both paranormal and technical information. I am someone who has had several psychic types of experiences. Having not come from a psychically oriented family, if there were psychics actively working their psychic stuff, it might have been several generations back. I do not have any reference to such a tendency in our family line, other than a small number of ghost stories from a grandmother on my mother’s side; talking briefly to an uncle on that side of that family, he admits frankly he finds the discussion of the paranormal and ghosts interesting, and is not afraid of it. Not so my parents. Adamantly opposed to such discussions, it just doesn’t happen one generation removed, in the household I grew up in. So where did my interest in the paranormal and related topics come from? Again, some of it started with Grandma talking about ghost stories. That opened the door. But my mother had heard the same stories. So something else was going on. I would say I always was extra sensitive, maybe hyper- sensitive. I felt nature’s beauty poignantly as early as age 7 or 8 during some European travels. That connection to nature’’s beauty was something I wrote poems about or would discuss - in my head at night in tents, while my parents slept nearby in another tent - during our camping excursions in nature. I would stand as this child looking out over natural vistas, quietly in my mind, just trying to take it all in and to remember it, to hold onto the views like a permanent snapshot. I wanted to stop time and just become one with the beauty I saw. I spent time in Greek areas dancing and singing, playing imaginary games - again while my parents were nearby. I held every ancient ruin we saw on our road trips or visited dear. I did not want to miss seeing and taking in a single one. Our time living in Athens, Greece allowed our family to travel around the country camping, visiting several wonderful beaches and ancient spots. Perhaps I picked up ancient ghost energy or vibes along the way which stuck for a lifetime. Maybe ancient Greek spirits around those old places were talking to me and I did not consciously know it, or maybe I just absorbed a variety of energies throug something like osmosis, not only in Greece but in the other places overseas we lived anda traveled, as well as in places in the USA. I spent a lot of time around ancient Anasazi ruins in the Southwest both earlier and later as an adult. I have always had a special feeling for ancient Pueblo ways because of this. Later, I took up some anthropology and archaeology courses and learned more about these ancient peoples of the desert, as well as about the vagaries of ethnocentrism, culture shock and such. We read up on a variety of anthropologists and social historians who informed us of the issue of relativism between cultures, and the problem of studying other cultures while locked up in our heads with our own cultural predispositions and language. The idea is to observe without judgment, to stay as objective as possible. We would read works looking for a bias in the author’s slant. As you pass through that entry level state of unlearning what you learned, seeing your own biases, acknowledging your own ethnocentrism and culture shock, you can come out the other side of the tunnel to a decision that it’s OK to be white in America - or you can join the civil rights groups and pretend that being white does not matter. My journey to my approaches today regarding race, religion and culture came from a period of reaching out to ancient tribal traditions as maybe a better way to go than the white heritage. I also noticed that I was one who often opened up and talked freely to blacks on buses, in coffee houses and just about anywhere a conversation could be struck up out of the blue. I had that easy rapport with most of the blacks I met, but not all. I remember some giving me an attitude on some Greyhound buses when traveling for the first time on them in the southern USA. It caught me a little by surprise that they would refuse to let me sit next to them because I was white. But there were others who talked freely with me like we had been friends forever. Many of my friends were native Greeks in the neighborhood I lived in at an Athens suburb closer to the base of a lovely mountain. It was at the edge of the country then - and also a garbage dump over to the left further from our home. We rode bikes together despite our language differences. My best friend was a Greek/American girl next door who went to the same school I did. We kept in contact for many years later until it dropped off finally. My best friend in later high school in New Mexico was a Japanese American, second generation I believe, and my best friend in early high school in Arizona was a second generation Chinese. I seemed to cater to things that were not too much Americana and with people whose perspectives stepped outside of the ordinary. In the background, however, my grandparents on my father’s side were very Texan, having both experienced poverty and hardships; the stories of poverty mostly came from my grandmother’’s side, but my grandfather also had had his share of difficulties growing up on a farm with an alcoholic and authoritarian father who wanted him to work with his brothers on the farm and not continue his education. They came from small rural towns and had a down home style with family, cooking, and stability values. I heard a lot of country music growing up, both with those grandparents and also with the second childhood family that were caretakers during my early years while my mother taught school. I spent many hours hearing it on the radio or mostly on TV in both these households. My mother’s side of the family had those family values, as well, with every Thanksgiving and Christmas spent with large family style meals and big Christmas trees surrounded by lots of gifts. That family (my mothers side) is the one that had a lot of nice art works around the home and this is likely one influence behind my artistic nature. Seeing nice art on the walls and attractive collections on tables and bookshelves around the home spurred a sense of delight in color, textures, forms or shapes and both earthiness and polished glamour. Several of the pots and baskets were some purchased while being a trading post operator from the early years of the 1900s; they had that earthy feeling which helps you sense raw materials, textures and forms. But my grandmother also like pretty femiinine things like little boy blues and flowery things. There were also some nice oil paintings around the house from well known artists of desert vistas, bringing out interesting colors with an emphasis on light or tone. My other grandparents did not have these artistic tendencies, but they cherished the gifts family gave them by displaying them over al ifetime on their bookshelves, along with familyl photos. This gave a sense of familiarity and stability to their home with the emphasis on family and memories about times together. Neither family demanded control about religion, but left the decision for spiritual direction to each person’s own inner guidance and will. The use of a bible was seen as connected to family history and going to church or listening to church on the television was around me, but no one was pushing or forcing religion on me or each other. This makes me especially sensitive to families who try to force Jesus on each other and others, and who are very rigid in believing their way is the only way. Not having that kind of authoritarianism in our home, no bible or belt mentalities, we learned to think things through for ourselves, although there was probably an assumption that Jesus was a real figure in history, for the most part, with few questions asked. I picked up some of that from the churches I attended, as I did not always go to the same ones my parents did - a little bit of influence from the mother’s side of the family, not much, and some through the childcare family, the people who watched me when I was little. They were very churchy of the “old school” style - I was taken as a child to several of the church sermons, received a bible as a child guest, and spent some time at various church togethers. So Jesus as an unquestioned spiritual figure would have been entrained in me there more directly, as well as indirectly from my primary home life. I did not start questioning the basic tenets of a Jesus centered belief system until much later. Making that conscious leap probably came in bits and pieces over the years. I looked into Buddhism, Taoism, tribal spirituality up to a point, but none of it really hit me at my center. Over time, especially in the past year or so, I realized that I am not a dualist. Dualism: the religious doctrine that the universe contains opposed powers of good and evil, especially seen as balanced equals. I thnk this one subject is a major reason behind ongoing problems in the world, including racial divides, senses of “us and them”, fear and loathing of “the other” and wars. By creating a Satan, we tend to project that and become it. We manifest it by fighting it and feeling superior in the process of being better than “that bad thing over there.” Islamic dualism takes it out on the rest of us “infidels” by justifying an imagined higher camp than everyone else’s. Christians who refuse to really help others until they “get Jesus” are another example of a a lofty sense of self over others. In addition, by waiting endlessly until someone “’hits bottom” or shows signs of “helping self”, Christians can and sometimes will let things go too long unchecked and unhelped; they can be niggardly in their approach to assistance, as well, meting or doling out small amounts while acting like they are just huge. I have seen enough of the lower end of Christian charity to know what I am talking about. Small amounts of help can loom large in the minds of those who have little to give inside themselves. There can be a harsh meanness behind a world of work, as well, which can encourage a deaf ear to things like pain and rape. If life is hard, there might be a tendency to treat workers as slap boys who have to “earn” their stripes by going through all kinds of hardships before getting raises or making money. Also by assuming that work is hard and rough, there might be a tendency to treat complaints as signs of weakness and slough. This too can encourage a military that won’t listen to personnel who indicate they have had maltreatment or been raped. This same tendency can be fund in any corporation or company that sees work as hard, life as hard, and life as a battle against an opponent. Any form of divvying up the world’s positive and negative aspects can make people focus on things that make them feel superior and unwilling to do the right thing just for the sake of doing the right thing. A kind of self-satisfied clique mentality can set in, along with an elitism over dress, education, neighborhoods and styles of expression. In addition, dualism tends to encourage cult or club mentalities in organized religion. It is that “in here” versus “out there” thing. In the process of pretending to be good, they might have pent up and repressed sexual drives which ooze out into the most oppressive and aggressive sexual abuses imaginable. People need to have a sense of order and stability to function well, but controlled sexual exactitudes only make people funky and sick. That energy needs a level of natural and relaxed health and balance or things go awry. Dualism can exaggerate the sense of a malicious devil “out there” going around tricking people into sexual desire; by trying to fight this thing, people can actually be attacking their inner cores. The sex power is too strong to try to suppress it, and needs healthy outlets by seeing life as a circle, not a divide. As a continuum, we can stretch the energy around and sense its nuances of light and dark without trying to break it all up into controlled segments. Military Rapes On the US military: hazing and rapes can be seen as a form of friendly fire, although there is nothing friendly and kind about it; in this sense, our own people harm or kill our own; it destroys lives and morale; it eats the military from the inside out; it has long-term devastating effects even after military service is over. Military leaders are said to not have taken the concerns seriously enough over a long period of time, with rape victims not listened to or responded to properly. Yet we need to give those military leaders credit for doing the right thing when a rape is reported; we must not jump to conclusions that all military leaders are corrupt or inept in these matters. It is devastating to have so much negativity directed at the very groups that are dying protecting the country overseas. Let us all apply honest and common sense these matters; not out to vilify the military, but to try to help it clear out the things that interfere with its best performance. Also, we don’t want hard working and embattled soldiers - people who have had to deal with extreme situations overseas - further victimized by criminal acts within their ranks. They deserve better than this. The other issue here is rapes which occur when working alongside groups from other countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan. Rapes can and do occur on both sides, Iraqi and American. There is, for example, a rape and murder case indicated in the Iraq/Crimes section on this website. However, the issues of Iraqi penetration into American prisons probably has not been given enough pubic attention, although much was written on the corruption and widespread abuse at Abu Ghraib in Iraq. How much maltreatment was directly from Iraqi persons supposedly working with Americans probably gets lost in the shuffle; we an ask how much of it was actually American in those prisons and how much of it was something else? In addition, let’s say an American soldier was treated at a hospital in Baghdad manned by a variety of groups. What if while getting so-called medical help, he was also raped and victimized? He is in there for an EFP explosion related injury, but things are so crazy, he gets abused just for being at the hospital at the wrong time and place. As an American soldier, he is supposed to be on top and the good guy, but while his arm and leg are torn up, he has little protection and gets “it” from so-called staff and others hanging around the hospital at the time he is supposed to be getting what is primarily American military medical treatment. Humiliated and also made to believe this is the lot of the American soldier, he doesn’t push for his civil rights in the matter. Part of the game is to make Americans feel like losers and so much “shit”, which eats at a person’s self-worth. In other words, along with the bad deeds are words and energies that get inside you, inside your head and psyche. This non-physical abuse can keep a person from speaking out or standing up for himself later. Although this hospital rape/abuse scenario is imaginary at this point, you can sense how something like this could happen in Middle Eastern combat zones involving American soldiers. The fact Americans were training and working with Iraqis that were being infiltrated by insurgents can explain how something like this could happen, but it also can come from the differences of cultures. For example, Iraqis long under Saddam’s reign might have developed low grade tendencies. How many American soldiers raped by Iraqis supposedly working with them have not spoken up, or have not had their concerns appropriately handled? The fact many Americans come back from Iraq unable to trust anyone can account for the Iranian, Al-qaeda and mixed government leadership loyalties backstabbing Americans left and right even while the Americans were trying to clean up messes all over the country. There is no wonder American veterans from Iraq don’t trust anyone, but not trusting alone will not help solve the problems. People need to come forward with any remaining unrevealed or unreported rapes and other forms of maltreatment both from other Americans and those Iraqis who were supposed to be working with them. In addition, Americans were often asked to work with insurgents who had formerly fought Americans in a bad way. Criminals were let out of prison and funded to work with Americans. This put soldiers and their leaders in compromising situations and muddied the waters of “us” and “them.” Insome cases, we saw some improvements when the enemy decided to work with us. But the muddied waters could lead to increased risks for American soldiers, a loss of morale and more. Although there were sincere Iraqis working alongside Americans, and these people cannot be forgotten or overlooked, or unnecessarily lumped in with the others, we need to be aware of those Iraqis who were playing ruthless games around the Americans. It is a complex subject. As such, then: -pay attention to all rapes of every kind across all of the military branches, including the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard; gain access to all records and start charting the information across various determining variables, looking for trends and isolated events -pay attention to real or hyped information on gangs in the military; where there is a verified presence of gangs, be on alert to: rapes, hazing and gangstalking -in all news stories of any kind, watch for hype and the idea of Making the Other Guy Look Bad, one of the first sections you should read on this website Cartel Infiltrated Corporations Be prepared to connect the dots between gangs, cartels, military, police, security and political organizations; be prepared to push the envelope on seemingly racial tensions - for example, if everyone answering the phone is only one race, this actually might be a problem - it is not just your imagination. If you suspect a corporation is only hiring certain “types” - what can you do about it? Answers: Start with awareness. Start with taking notes and bringing it to your conscious awareness. Then go from there. This is the United States. There is no reason for everyone who is answering the phone to be Hispanic or any one race. If you are only getting Hispanics, or the call centers for a certain lumber and hardware franchise have people picking up the phone in Mexico, maybe you need to start shopping somewhere else. Ask where the call centers are, see if they answer. If things are bad in Mexico, you can expect things might be bad in a call center in Mexico, too. Things do not magically get better just because the Mexican call center services stores in the United States. All the baggage in the area can be impacting that Mexican call center. Beyond Hispanic gang and cartel dominated corporations, any corporation that leans toward certain races or tendencies should be suspect. The corporations can be one way of unwinding the United States, taking it out by removing Americans from the work force, but also sidestepping American laws and ethical practices. India Call Centers is one such subject on this website, but there are many others to consider. Gangs in US Military See previous day’s entries - the main point when considering gangs in the military is that things can become a whole lot rougher and uncertain with them there. They can be messing with things in a variety of ways. Common sense should tell you that it might be easier for the enemy to influence or buy off a gang member who has racial issues or certain anti-American tendencies. In going over the list of rapes both on and off bases, and also involving people who are ex-military, people need to consider whether the perpetrat or was a gang member. Gang membership, past or present, should be considered a possible variable. The military has always included people with criminal pasts, often with the hope the military will straighten them out, and often it does. However, certain tendencies might best be seen as infecting the military. How do you clean it up and out? What has been tried already, what worked? What did not work? It goes without saying that gang-infected sectors which normally require top security clearances are compromised spaces. Beyond those areas needing top security, just being around these people in day-to-day operations might be a matter of watching your back. On the other hand, things can go the other direction in the sense of “brothers” - there is no doubt someone who has been a gang member might have learned certain types of loyalty and brotherhood which make him one of the fiercest allies. They might have valuable real world and street-wise skills which help in keeping an eye out in tough neighborhoods in Iraq, for example, or around fellow soliders giving off a certain bad vibe; these soldiers might end up helping in ways that someone from less tough areas could not imagine. We have to take each situation individually and not blanketly assume all current or past gang members are the ones harming and raping their fellow soldiers, but it can be one issue. Just as possible are generational military people whose families were raised in a harsh military environment of hazing and rapes, so they try to pass it on to all new recruits; in this case, it’s the military people, not the gang members, doing the rapes. You have to look at each case individually but also look for trends. There are many parents past and present who would like to know the answers behind what really happened to their children who joined the military. Those people deserve real answers. Many times it is in fact the grieving parents who do the leg work, the digging, the anguished legal action. 2020/01/27-28 Changes on website, Gang presence in US military Various sections being revamped or moved. In terms of bad stuff inside the American military, consider the following: Wikipedia Gang presence in the United States military https colon //en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Gang_presence_in_the_United_States_military#Gang_graffiti_in_Iraq Excerpt: Part of list of contents: 2 Notable cases 2.1 White power skinheads 2.2 Gangster Disciples 2.3 Norteños 2.4 King Cobra Boys 2.5 Gang graffiti in Iraq The last: Gang graffiti in Iraq Excerpt: U.S. gang-related graffiti has shown up in Iraq since the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003. Among the largest American street gangs represented in Iraq are the Gangster Disciples, Crips, Bloods, 18th Street, Norteños, Black Disciples, Sureños, Latin Kings, TAP Boyz, Tiny Rascal Gang, Vice Lords, and Black P. Stones, which originated in some of America's most violent and impoverished neighborhoods.[20][21] There are also reports of Black Power, African Nations, Aryan Nations, Aryan Brotherhood and Ku Klux Klan gang graffiti in Iraq.[22] https colon //en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Gang_presence_in_the_United_States_military#Gang_graffiti_in_Iraq 2020/01/24-26 Do your homework on the MSA - Muslim Student Association Table, derived from article from Center Sec. Policy below the table link. TABLE adddition - note 2020/01/29: this table has been added to the System Abuse menu at the top of the page; the material from the Ctr Sec Pol article is dated, but the idea is to look for trends and tendencies that could exist today; the idea is not to haze, kill or target Muslims but to pursue investigations legally and professionally; see the No Honor, No Country section on Police Factor. MSA Muslim Students Association links to very real terrorism and anti-American agendas https://rivergold.net/Muslim-Students-Association.html Center for Security Policy dot org (2018/04/29) The Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Association, What Americans need to know. By Christopher Holton. https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2018/04/29/the-muslim-brotherhoods-muslim-students-association-what-americans-need-to- know/Universities listed with suspected and known dangerous Muslims with anti-American agendas:North Carolina A&T, University of South Alabama…etc….Excerpt: • Abu Mansoor al-Amriki, aka Omar Hammami was an American-born member of al Shahab, a Somali Islamic militant group aligned with al Qaeda. Hammami served as president of the MSA chapter at the University of South Alabama.• Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who would later go on to mastermind the September 11th terrorist attacks as the number 3 man in Al Qaeda, was a member of the MSA chapter at North Carolina A&T in 1986 Impeachment Inquiry In Process 2019/01/26 https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/trump-impeachment-inquiry/live-blog/trump-impeachment-trial-live-coverage-president-s-defense-begins- n1122651 2019/01/24 https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/impeachment-trial-live-updates/2020/01/24/bd12c85e-3e98-11ea-baca-eb7ace0a3455_story.html https://www.nbc(news.com/politics/trump-impeachment-inquiry/live-blog/live-trump-impeachment-senate-trial-coverage-n11190 2020/01/18 Trump Impeachment-Democrat Inquisition: Pot Calling Kettle Black; Mad Hatter Party; Sleight of Hand. Biden, Pelosi, Obama No Saints. Democrat Inquisition is self-mirroring enacted through drama as dance, mime and ritualized “We are Tall, You are Small.” Also like ancient Roman theater, it is a myth for the ruler elite up-and-comings- in this case, a group of people together playing Caesar, or the gang knifing of Caesar -there to create a sense of them (Trump types) as pansy, soft, shallow and hollow villains and us (The All Knowing Democrats) as higher than life heroes; the so-called heroes are the rising of the marginalized and downtrodden and the real natural people, elders and owners of the space and place; to send hand claps to the downtrodden; the problem here is it is a line that is staged to give kudos to certain sets of people while making the targeted ones look bad. Pelosi is part of this staged execution-style dramatism. I did not vote for Trump. I never liked Trump. I started itching and screaming for Impeachment from Day One. But then I backed up and started reading. I tried being a Democrat. I tried being a Green Party member. I tried being a non-party aloof. Like the baby bear in the children’s story, The Three Bears trying to find his perfect chair, nothing fit. I am most recently considering the Republicans, but asking them to change their ways on some points. I am disgusted with the Democrats. It’s a playbook, a rigged space. There are some vicious games at hand. Some of it is way out there. This website is gearing down a little bit; some pages are being removed to another area. Things like certain countries and Human Issues, for the most part. Also several policing and national security sections are being moved to Police Factor. This will leave certain topics focused on here, like the developing Iraq section. Trump Impeachment (2019/12/17) Democrats repeat failed history with mad dash to impeach Donald Trump. By Jonathan Turley, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/474887-democrats-repeat-failed-history-with-mad-dash-to-impeach-donald-trump Excerpt on History of Johnson Impeachment As in the case of Trump, calls to impeach Johnson began almost as soon as he took office. A southerner who ascended to power after the Civil War as a result of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Johnson was called the “accidental president” and his legitimacy was never accepted by critics. Representative John Farnsworth of Illinois called Johnson an “ungrateful, despicable, besotted, traitorous man.” Johnson opposed much of the reconstruction plan Lincoln had for the defeated south and was criticized for fueling racial divisions. He was widely viewed as an alcoholic and racist liar who opposed full citizenship for freed slaves. Ridiculed for not being able to spell, Johnson responded, “It is a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word.” Sound familiar? The “Radical Republicans” in Congress started to lay a trap a year before impeachment. Pelosi’s Son Investment Watch Blog (2019/10/06) Pelosi’s entire family has generational corruption, tied to 4 families that have run CA for 80+ years like Game of Thrones. By Bronx Boston https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/pelosis-entire-family-has-generational-corruption-tied-to-4-families- that-have-run-ca-for-80-years-like-game-of-thrones/ Excerpt: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged a company cofounded by Paul Pelosi Jr. with fraud on Wednesday after learning that two convicted criminals were running the business. Paul Pelosi Jr., the son of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), was the president and chief operating officer of Natural Blue Resources Inc., an investment company he cofounded that focuses on “environmentally-friendly” ventures.The SEC charged four individuals with fraud, including former New Mexico Gov. Toney Anaya, and suspended trading in the company’s stock. Pelosi owned over 10 million shares in the company in 2009. The SEC said Wednesday the company was “secretly controlled” by James E. Cohen and Joseph Corazzi, both of whom had previous fraud convictions. Corazzi violated federal securities laws and was barred from acting as an officer or director of a public company. Cohen was previously incarcerated for financial fraud. Cohen and Corazzi said they were “outside consultants,” but according to the SEC, they actually controlled Natural Blue’s business decisions “without disclosing their past brushes with the law to investors.” The pair made hundreds of thousands of dollars off the company…Cohen, Corazzi, Anaya, and Erik Perry, a former executive at Natural Blue, were all charged with federal fraud violations. Anaya, who was Governor of New Mexico from 1983 to 1987, and Perry “misled investors by failing to disclose that Cohen and Corazzi were running the company in spite of their criminal or disciplinary histories,” the SEC said. https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/pelosis-entire-family-has-generational-corruption-tied-to-4-families- that-have-run-ca-for-80-years-like-game-of-thrones/ Washington Post (2019/09/28) The gas tycoon and the vice president’s son: The story of Hunter Biden’s foray into Ukraine. By Paul Sonne, Michael Kranish and Matt Viser. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/the-gas-tycoon-and-the-vice-presidents-son-the- story-of-hunter-bidens-foray-in-ukraine/2019/09/28/1aadff70-dfd9-11e9-8fd3-d943b4ed57e0_story.html ABC News Go (2020/01/16) Ukraine opens criminal investigation surveillance marie yovanovitch. Ukraine police investigating possible surveillance of Yovanovitch, Russian hacking. The investigation comes after the release of text messages from Lev Parnas. ByPatrick Reevell https://abcnews.go.com/International/ukraine-opens-criminal-investigation-surveillance-marie- yovanovitch/story?id=68324113 (2018/06/06) Obama admin granted Iran secret license to access US dollars: GOP report U.S. banks declined the transaction despite the urging of Obama officials. By Conor Finnegan. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/obama-admin-granted-iran-secret-license-access-us/story?id=55689587 Observer (2017/01) The Obama Foundation Launches With Lobbyists and Wall Street at the Wheel So far, it seems to be following the in the footsteps of its flawed predecessor, the Clinton Foundation By Michael Sainato • https://observer.com/2017/01/obama-foundation-board-lobbyists-wall-street-clinton-foundation/ See also: https://nypost.com/2017/09/14/secret-service-spent-millions-to-protect-obama-during-travel/ https://www.cnbc.com/2014/04/04/hedge-funds-secret-weaponex-obama-aide-austan-goolsbee.html https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/06/the-obama-administration-secretly-sought-to-give-iran-access-to-the-us-financial- system.html 2020/01/12-14 As part of background checks into the downing of the commercial liner in Iran, identify the various disclosed and perhaps undisclosed Ukrainian connections to Iran, Trump, Iraq, commercial liner ownership and financial backers. See at least a partial list below of similar Iranian plane-downing shootings. CBS 2020/01/11 https://www.cbsnews.com/live-updates/iran-plane-military-unintentionally-shot-down-jetliner-2020-01-11/ Regarding the recent questionable tragic destruction of the Ukraine commercial liner: No matter what actually caused this crash or who was ultimately truly involved, consider that if Iran did it, it has happened before. In the book The Endgame, According to highly classified American reports, in June 2007 a Revolutionary Guard air defense unit had fired a TOR-M1 antiaircraft missile at a civilian airliner that it mistook for a potential attacker. In May 2008 antiaircraft units fired on another civilian airliner, an Iranian drone and an Iranian F14 fighter, and in June there were two more instances against civilian aircraft . Iran was “concerned attack aircraft may attempt to mimic the flight profile of a commercial airliner” a classified Pentagon report explained. (“Strange Justice” chapter, p. 517). Around this same time in 2007, there were very high tensions between Israel and Iran. 2020/01/09-10 2020/01/10 CBS (2020/01/10) https://www.cbsnews.com/live-updates/iran-news-mike-pompeo-attack-qassem-soleimani-imminent-dont- know-when-where-today-2020-01-10-live-updates/ Pompeo says Iranian general was plotting "large-scale attack" against U.S. facilities but doesn't provide specific details The Atlantic 2020/01 We are just discovering price of killing Soleimani https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/01/were-just-discovering-price-killing-soleimani/604705/ Note from RG: The Atlantic has a history of discussing Trump’s lies BBC (2020/01/09-10) Iran plane crash: Western powers suggest missile downed jet https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-51055219 Excerpt: Canada and the UK called for a full and thorough investigation into the crash, which killed all 176 people on board. Iran's civil aviation chief, however, said he was "certain" that the plane was not hit by a missile. The crash came just hours after Iran carried out missile strikes on two airbases housing US forces in Iraq. 2020/01/09 The current focus is on the Iraq War in the earlier years, before 2011. In addition, the related web/blogsite, Police Factor has some parts still being fleshed out. The River Gold Veterans section, War Zone and Countries sections are linked as far as the Iraq War is concerned. There might be further refinements of the categories and sections as I move along, but for now, the Iraq- Afghanistan section has broken off into a separte Iraq only section. There are a few reasons for the shift in focus. One is the meeting of two American Army combat veterans, both with PTSD and one seriously maimed, both having been hit by an IED or EFP. Another is the currently ongoing reading of the 2020 book The Endgame, The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from Bush to Obama, by Gordon and Trainor with strong assistance by Wesley Morgan. Other books on Iraq have also been read. Another is the reading of the news about past and current events involving Iran, Iran in Iraq against the American military, Iran’s ongoing connections to terrorists in the USA and abroad, Obama’s Iran deal in 2015, Trump’s input, the take-out of Suleimani, and more. It includes the background of reading and watching material on the Muslim Brotherhood. There is a growing understanding of the idea behind “Black Lies Matter” in the book by the same name in the sense that there is planned and lying contingency behind the anti-white cop movement which includes high drama, lies in the media, coverups of the facts and more. It also includes twisting of facts around Islamic extremists shootings and bombings in the USA. 2019/10/14 The About/Notes section has had an addition and indexing formalization of Disclosures involving River Gold, Police Factor and Greening Ways websites’ political and religious orientation. This provides easily accessed transparency so people can cut through the chase. Where fair-skinned Caucasians need support and protection in modern times, now is the time to start implementing those measures, but this does not preclude fair treatment for all peoples. We have had some vicious anti-American agendas targeting our white communities with funding from well-padded overseas governments and cartels. Many of the antics include psyops across the board - against the public, policing systems and the government. In order to orchestrate through this tangled and harried landscape, we need clear-headed and clear speaking reverse operators. Part of the job is translation of what has been happening to us. Another part is to counter fake news or approaches with no-nonsense accurate ones. One way to see through the fake news is to list and sort various pieces of news over time to be able to compare notes. 2019/07/30 This is an earlier note on ACLU section Note from The Golden River: Over the years, I have donated to and been members of each of these groups. I have had both positive and negative feelings about them. One of my main concerns - voiced to at least the ACLU and AU, is that there might be what I realize now is called an “alternative left” strand which is focusing more on minority rights in a certain way rather than the broader issues of human rights per se. In other words, I have suspected a minority preference, with the same voices across the board over the same issue. It’s like if you are a member of all three, you start seeing how they are all saying the same things and doing it in the same way. My one question was whether the EFF, which seems intellectually with it, was able to stand on its own and be its own voice. I waffled on that, but am back wondering if there is more of an alt. left emphasis there, too. What I do know is the information about surveillance and system abuse, as well as religious abuse or unfairness, seemed pertinent at the time and I still use their information. This is my current opinion: I was originally wowed by the ACLU and Americans United for their stand on Christian religious fundamentalism, but have since decided this is likely an Islamic sharia law infiltrated group as well as a far left one oriented toward destroying the United States. Although I read through quite a few Americans United magazines, I particularly appreciated some of the insights into why religious fundamentalists are the way they are historically and otherwise, I grew tired of the constant slant on gay and Islamic rights. Although my views are often closer to the secular Jewish perspectives on why to combat Islamic sharia, as I don’t offer a religion like a Jesus centered Christianity as a reason to counter it, I think anyone with common sense can start making the links between civil rights groups like the ACLU and Americans United and truly serious anti-American agendas. These phony civil rights groups need to go away. It’s one thing to support civil rights honestly, another to be using the civil rights movement for hidden warfare. We can be gay or not gay, religious or not religious, egalitarian female or not so egalitarian female, happy or sad, blue or green and all be fair minded Americans supporting a safe liberties-oriented space called the United States. If you don’t want abortion, don’t have one. Know that when you start trying to control a woman’s birth process, you could be on a downhill slide toward other encroachments of female rights. Equating women with sin and misguided ways requiring controls are antiquated ideas. I don’t want a mostly developed late term baby aborted unless there are some critical issues. But there is more to the ACLU than the support of a woman’s right to choose. Although defending unborn life in female wombs takes precedence for many of you to the point you put anti-abortion signs in your front yards, I ask that you also consider supporting: -anti-sharia extremist jihad movements (AFDI’s 18 point plan has been added to this website) -say no to torture, including waterboarding and jailhouse isolation -civil rights measures against reverse discrimination as part of an overall civil rights package opposing all forms of discrimination. Reverse discrimination against whites is on the rise. Reverse discrimination is just as malicious as the more commonly understood form of discrimination. -reduced national and global birth rates with an emphasis on nurturing and support of the children we do have -elimination of the federal-tribal nexus including the reservation system On American flag waving in yards and on vehicles driving around town: I started out the website projects making snide comments about “Red, White and Blue’s” in Farmington, New Mexico and beyond. No longer. I am now happy to see them, although we might not all see eye to eye (many of us have differences over religion and women’s place in the world).. I was already shifting perspectives, but something I read in one of David Horowitz’s books did it for me. He was describing reactions shortly after 9/11, with some people waving their flags and others feeling it was all hopelessly militaristic and Nazi. I saw myself in his depiction of those who felt flag waving was banal and nationalistic coming out of a fog. It’s going to take more than flag waving to pull out of our problems but I no longer see those Americans as silly and misguided. 2019/07/28 Impeach Trump banner taken down - see notes in System Abuse/Trump https://rivergold.net/sys---trump.html 2019/05/17 Far Zone Notes section is being created here to cover outside the box and other often non-mainstream or otherwise not deemed “data/science/practical” topics. Some of it started in Police Factor and was moved here. This is being set up, partially available. Far Zone Notes 2019 04/27/2019 Have added section Black/Dark Web in System Abuse. I will explain why I did this here. I started psychically feeling someone was taking out a loan on me without my permission and also sending me money as pretended payment for something while secretly getting the money from my own self with that secret loan done without my awareness or permission. I went to my credit reports to see if something had been opened in my name without my permission, like through fraud. Nothing there but I did see an old fraud issue I thought had been resolved still there. That seems to be another issue. This recent one seems to be something else, although it might be the same criminal network invovled. So then I started doing research. I came upon the Black Web. I realized then this could be one place the bad feelings I had described above were coming from: maybe someone was secretly pulling a loan on me through the black web. 04/05/2019, later addition edited 04/25/2019 Website was taken offline for a brief period. Decided to keep it up. The police section on this website was moved to Police Factor, https://policefactor.com The police related website is being designed with simplicity and directness in mind so people can focus more on research specific topics. It will take some time to update and edit things to get to that point, but some of it is already under way. I will be removing the police sections from this website today, leaving Police Factor now with that information. 04/05/2019, earlier NAME RIVER GOLD CONSOLIDATED FROM FROM GOLDEN RIVER DOT ORG AND THE GOLDEN RIVER DOT NET. WEBSITES STARTED OUT AT AS GREENING HANDS WHICH SOON DIVIDED INTO GREENING WAYS (ENVIRONMENTAL)AND GOLDEN RIVER (mixed) THE CONCEPT BEHIND GOLD REMAINS SAME: LIFE FORCE, PRANA, QI, KUNDALINI IN ALL THINGS…BUT ALSO IN NEWEST RIVER GOLD, IT MEANS ALSO THE NUGGETS OF INFORMATION AND INSIGHT GLEANED FROM INVESTIGATING CERTAIN KEY TOPICS IN MORE DETAIL AND CONNECTING THE DOTS. tO DO THIS THE WEBSITE SERIES FOLLOW CERTAIN TRAJECTORIES, NOT ALL POSSIBLITIES. GREENING WAYS, GOLDEN RIVER , greening ways AND POLICE FACTOR CONNECT IN SEEKING MEANING AND SOMETHING MORE BEYOND THE MUNDANE, HARSHNESS, UGLINESS, COMMERCIALISM AND DESPAIR. GOLDEN RIVER AND GREENING WAYS ALSO SHOOT FOR IDEAS OF NURTURING AESTHETICS AND ARTS 02/24/2019 Various additions to Russian Antics, incl. 2004 book Cold Peace, Russia’s New Imperialism; Health Insurance Company & Medical Network Corruption (System Abuse); New page WMD Iraq pre-2003 in Iraq section Russia/Iraq Oil & Kurd 02/16/19 Website shifting gears. Removal of Some Sections. Focus on: Police Issues - Certain areas Network Violence War Zones - certain areas and topics Religious issues related to the above and system abuse in general
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