Big Brother wants you dumbed down, numbed out, frazzed, confused, distracted and on autopilot 
Having a strong sense of nature reminds people there was a time before government big business control systems.  During early hunting and gathering eras,  people had a sense of wildness and open spaces with freedom to roam.  There was a deeper unity with animals, plants, the land and the natural order of things.  Nature reminds us there is something larger and more profound than the dictates of city and organizational culture alone. 
Awareness raising and education are needed to encourage people to not just take it, but to fight back and demand justice in these matters.  Learning to come out of the dominated position of an overly controlled and suffocated citizen is like coming out of abuse.  In various ways, because of undisclosed governmental programs, it is exactly that.  Many American citizens have to relearn basic constitutional rights before things went so awry in this country.  On the other hand, strands of constitutional abuse were already present and building, and we need to rectify this.  We have become numbed out to poor treatment on certain fundamental levels. 
Supported on this website are the fundamental American rights of free speech, privacy, protection from invasive searches and the right to a trial by a fair and objective jury.  An honest and authentic politically unbiased Supreme Court should be restored designed to protect and apply the true meaning inherent in the American Constitution and Bill of Rights - which is to protect citizens against tyranny found in excessive governmental power.  This includes the protection from government- military-big business complex surveillance and other invasive systems and a thorough checks and balances system of various governmental investigative agencies to prevent the over- stepping of private citizen boundaries.  
Intrusive governmental systems want you distracted or scattered,  to control what you focus on and what your options for perceived choice are.   One way to fight tyranny is through vibration.  Vibration can be seen as psychic awareness used in combination with life force energy (bioenergy).
The United States should not be a police state.  Big business, religion and government should be kept separate.  People have a right to a private life and their lives are their own.  The government and people with money/power are not their paternal elders nor their slave masters.  These groups should not dictate to them in such a way they cannot protect themselves in these matters.  
Tyrants make use of decoys and camouflage, distractions, illusions, and traps.  Traps include making things too easy.  The illusion behind the apparent ease with which we currently access many forms of technology is like the cat quietly sneaking up on the mice.  The ignorant users are given the toys as tools to their own destruction while bit by bit property and personal rights are slipped away from them.
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