Disclosure 2 Spiritual Orientation
1. Not Dualism; I have the feeling existence and human involvement with it is a somewhat like a circle or multidimensional space of continuity. In religion, dualism means the belief in two supreme opposed powers or gods, or sets of divine or demonic beings, that caused the world to exist. ... Here the Devil is a subordinate being and not coeternal with God, the absolute eternal being. https://www.britannica.com/topic/dualism-religion Dualism might exacerbate tensions over religion by dividing up who is right and who is wrong, and by stimulating paranoia about a Devil interfering with the lives of humans. 2, Possible life after death, but perhaps not a given. Awareness training, practice in out-of-body experiences while in organic form, and gathering up of one’s self possibly needed to continue one’s current existence intact after disposing the organic form. 3. Possible repeated lives. 4. The belief love is the backbone of existence as a vibration that is tranquil and harmonious. The closer we vibrate at that level, the more we shed anger, violence as well as self and social demise tendencies. 5. Latching on to one Jesus as a savior and king of a godly kingdom seems to defy the actual messages of any real, conflated or stretched out historical Jesus (several figures across early history might be the actual Jesus or there might be a mythical figure mixing in with a real historical figure during the Roman era). The actual message seems to be we can all attain a high level of spiritual mastery which brings us more consciously in alignment with a universal knowing and creational being. It seems best to try to identify the remnants of signs of higher intelligence mastery across all of the possible Jesus types, from China, India, Jerusalem and beyond, to see what the literature tells us and what pieces of it might be left in the activities of practicing monks, martial artists and various spiritual leaders who seem to truly transcend basic survival tendencies to one of compassion, higher understanding and good of society in general. The distinction needs to be made between the God of the head and the God of spirit, for the mind seems to play tricks. People might feel they are being godly when in fact they are being controlling, petty and bureaucratic. Also there might be a group think mentality which tries to treat going to heaven or reaching nirvana on earth as a unified or special social club. Utopian ideals are usually of the head; getting “saved” is also likely a mental construct as a form of laziness of thinking, letting a little bit of energy seem exciting. Because most of us live at a lower energy vibration (not much qi or power in the tian areas), we might get too excited by even a little energy and stop short there. Don’t be overly excited by bells and whistles, but see each new discovery as a path of evolution. Perhaps it is getting back to where we once belonged, retrieving our old power centers after centuries of being away from natural life force processes. Perhaps it is mixing an old heritage with new insights. Whatever the case might be, there are people who have developed energy in their body systems who can point us in certain directions. However, it is best not to fixate on any one master, as they too still are human and can mislead or abuse this or that. Just because someone can do some things more or better, this does not mean they are perfect or know everything. It is best not to turn over your power to others in these matters, but to retain a sense of personal identity and self-worth. Just because someone does not know something or cannot do this or that does not mean they are less lovable or of less value. Being a learner is equal to being a teacher. The best thing is to be sincere in your efforts either way.
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