Updates 2019/10/13; Page started 2019/09/27-28-29; bulk of material written today IN THIS SECTION OK to be White in USA Stop Turfing! Stop White Bashing among Democrats The Wall 1st, Buffer Zone 2nd (on US/Mexico border) No Vigilantes: Fair Play/Legality With Illegal Aliens Stop the Federal Gov’t-Tribal Nexus/Support Illegal Alien Court System Overhaul Counter Shape-Shifting of USA Fight City See also: #1 Political Orientation Machismo It’s OK to be white in America There will continue to be a solid number of whites here. We are not going anywhere soon. Learn to work peacefully with us and not against us. This should not be a game of domination/submission and one-upmanship. We need to learn to share the space called America with diverse races. This might require finding new footing while retaining the best of the country’s values and approaches. A good mix includes whites; true diversity does in fact include fair-skinned Caucasian persons of various shades; however, discrimination can also occur against the more fair skinned among racial mixes. Many darker complected persons with olive or brown skin have white parents, but the tendency might be to hire “brown”- when you look around a given government agency, bank, room or mall the collective effect can be brown, black, ethnic Hispanic, pro-tribe Native American, Asian, etc., with very few truly white looking people there, despite arguments to the contrary; there are brown- skinned persons reading this who don’t want someone standing up for him or herself like this - they want to hem and haw, making excuses and looking for feeble justifications that we are not seeing what our eyes see’ in addition to skin color, there can be a vibe or undercurrent of control, ethnic exclusivity and resentment against whites, secrets; this is a world in which the non-whites are ignoring federal laws regarding equal employment opportunity as “reverse discrimination” !STOP TURFING! There should be no job hiring discrimination against fair-skinned Caucasians as part of a turfing agenda used by gang members and civil rights groups with anti-American agendas: it’s happening in malls, certain department franchise stores, banks, credit union and various finance related arenas; fair-skinned Caucasians are getting “it” most, but watch for various shades of white Turfing can include bullying, countering free speech, treating white males like “girls” to be raped and sexually dominated - white males, once compromised, might have trouble admitting it and seeking real help and might find themselves lost in an underworld; inadequate social services from helping whites; it can include invisible fingers org’zd crime; we need to consider gangstalking against non-players…among Hispanic communities, certain “dons” can be in charge of who is targeted and how..among Navajos, certain female tribal leaders can do the same…it can include extended family and religious networks…the desire to compete and be top dog and to use old history to justify current domination/submission/retaliation issues can be an MO Stop the White Bashing among the Non-White Democrats 2019 Democratic Primary looks like an orchestrated effort by a few biased masterminds and it is probably not even American Fair Play - Vigilantes Stop Vigilantes: do not support far right vigilante systems in which non-whites are collected up and abused or killed, like around the US/Mexico border, or targeted in mass public shootings; illegal aliens need to be treated according to the best of our American laws and values, even while we make arrangement to permanently remove them from the country. We have to have honor as a country, or we have no country. Stop the Federal Government-Tribal Nexus and Support System If the the tribes hate the USA so much, then cut ‘em loose…no more free medicine, fancy high cost trucks, multi-million minority grants, specialized governmental agencies on and off the reservations (these agencies harbor nearly 90 to 100 percent tribal preference in jobs and services). Divvy up the current reservation lands and turn it into private property. Stop handing over doles of money over to the tribes, which was common during the OBama era. Illegal Alien Court System Overhaul We may need to change our illegal alien judicial systems so they can better expedite alien removal from the country, as apparently some are coming into the USA counting on court backlogs for long-term delays Federal intervention in New Mexico - Partial or Full New Mexico is a high risk state; it might require temporary federal military intervention at governmental and Mexican border levels to fight the corruption and lack of adherence to legal protocols and attempts at reform; Trump is not the answer to this project, but successful intervention might require a Senate/House (or bipartisan special investigations committee) and Pentagon step-in. Counter Shape-Shifting of the Country Acknowledging shape-shifting: Federal intervention would include investigations into various anti-American networks known or suspected to be operating in the state at the Hispanic, tribal and other non-white levels; let’s call a spade a spade and actively address several of these groups are consciously working with countries from OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES to shape-shift the country We don’t want an all white world, but we do want the feeling there is fair play and adherence to federal laws requiring the assurance and provision of equal employment for all in the USA Fight City: We must acknowledge we are contending with “fight city” from groups like Mexican, Latino and Islamic extremists - as well as other anti-American contingencies - the catch-all term for fight city applies to a way of thinking which separates most Americans from certain other cultures in which there is a mentality about “I can take you” Seen as Too Easy: This applies to fight city above, but as an extension, includes the idea that fair play or help can be seen as weak or too easy. This is where Christian charity or other forms of applied compassion (religiously based or not) are seen as weakness - rather than taken in the spirit of well-meaning they were given, anti-Americans can and often do use such things as a sign the Americans are weak and easy; More on fight city and seen as too easy: Americans find themselves dealing with anti-American cultures with high level competition, one-upmanship, domination/submission, fight for top dog: various non-white cultural tendencies to exploit real and perceived American vulnerabilities to subvert America as a whole and as individuals; even the smallest signs of real or actual weakness can loom large in the minds of these competitors as they look for ways to feel big at the expense of America’s pain; it can include rampant thievery on all levels, from the small to the grand levels, from petty household and car theft to contrived lawsuits and medical and insurance fraud and over-charging; the people often convince themselves they are a “poor downtrodden people” or “the meek shall inherit the earth” like using the Christian bible’s ideas about the weak shall win and the rich should give to the poor to give energy to their antics; the fight city behavior can come both overtly and covertly; it is time we see through the more prosaic covert tendencies; stealth jihad wants to drain American resources at every opportunity and possibly to drive prices up Reverse discrimination is just as malicious as the more commonly understood forms of discrimination Wild-eyed violence like public shooting rampages only puts a feather in the cap of our opponents; such behavior is immoral, cruel and self-defeating Whites and Non-Whites need to learn to be true team players, proud to be Americans together, like a human family Keep Church and State Separate so we can all work together, with no one religious orientation dominating, each aligned with religion or not according to his own conscience Religionist and secular people of all races need to learn to put aside their differences and work together for a stronger America Race has nothing to do with personal superiority or differential access to goods, services, jobs, education or anything else in the human spectra If you are non-white and don’t like white America, leave…. Certain Members of the LGBT community are a Hidden Asset - They don’t like extremist totalitarianism NATIONAL AND PERSONAL SECURITY ISSUES Diligent Vigilance: Be aware, alert and take good notes! Watch for job-related anti-white hiring antics: An unusual number of non-whites with anti-American agendas making up 90 to 100 percent of the work force in positions that could potentially put the rest of American citizens at risk; concern here is not crude white racism, but about exercising diligent vigilance. The issue here is to not pooh-pooh a disappearing white work force as natural or circumstantial, but to identify trends related to a planned level of attack. If you recognize this as a possible attack, you don’t just sit there, you start doing something. Please notice that crude violence like public rampages are not acceptable. We need to apply more planning and finesse than that. The example here is that 9/11 did not happen in a vacuum. It is likely that enough anti-American types had accessed vulnerable positions across the board to help create a united conspiracy. There was a planned creep (see below) in which enough people were moved into key job positions to thwart security and open up vulnerabilities. But if you look around, it’s not so hard to do if you put enough of the wrong players in the right places, from the perspective of cartels and anti- American contingencies. Although you cannot profile based on race alone, you can exercise mindful caution without being a racially driven extremist. People want to tell you to think otherwise, that any form of racially organized precautions are racist. Look around your work forces and listen to who is answering the phones in potentially critical job positions in terms of personal and national security. Many blacks sound black over the phone, some do not. If you keep getting one race answering the phones in billing and fraud related departments, what’s going on? In a country supposed to protect everyone from unequal employment issues, The example of 90 to 100 percent Eastern Indians, blacks and Hispanics has been used on this website as an example: if everyone employed in potentially fragile security related positions has an anti-American agenda or links to organizations that do, aren’t we asking for another 9/11? In case you haven’t noticed, this website has a frankly blatant “A good mix includes whites” aspect. This does not mean we want everyone in a company, department or governmental agency to be white. But we do want to have the strong feeling that an anti-American creep is not under way with the idea of a conspiratorial take-over of the country. Always remember 9/11 to know that such concerns are not mere paranoia. We are not saying here an all-black work force is instantly an anti-American agenda and a national security threat. But when you keep hearing blacks on the other end of the phone in various departments in various corporations across the country and perhaps world (call centers can be anywhere), you just have to finally start asking what the heck is going on here. If you are not picking up on this, then maybe some whites are being targeted so that the people who consistently handle their files across the board are blacks, as part of a color (racial or other) coded gangstalking issue. It could be some central computer re-routes your name to a set list of hostile players made to look like official business with any given company, but are actually part of one anti-American cohort pretending to be legitimate. Let us keep our eyes and ears open for various possibilities. The Creeping Mentioned above, this includes stealth jihad and the deliberate conspiracy to replace white workers with non-white ones across the board in the United States and abroad, including the most sensitive positions related to health and personal finance. It includes shutting down jobs known to hire a large sector of the white population and moving non-whites into the vacuum left by their departure arena or removal from a particular geographical area. It also includes putting non-whites in positions of power so that they hire other non-whites. We don’t want an all white world, but we do want a sense of fair play and that our current and future lives are not threatened by hidden agendas and wide-scale planned conspiracies. A Surge of Madman Violence to quicken policies and approaches that further the non-white conspiratorial causes This might be part of a plan to “tenderize” an area before taking it over, with a repeated series of common steps. Shooting rampages might be one of the steps as part of this “tenderizing.” Tenderizing can include making an area weakened and vulnerable for further stealth jihad-types of attacks. Intense high profile, high cost civil rights lawsuits against non-white or legitimate USA operations another. The madmen public shooting rampages might not be what they seem. Something below the surface might be going on. Suggested are psychic/psychotronic manipulations. We also need to consider media lies. We might not be getting the real situation as to who and how in the news. This could be linked to anti-American agendas. After these tragic events occur, we need to watch for a possible next step in the anti-American plans, namely policies and procedures designed to reconfigure the tactical and manpower landscape of that particular area. If an area is being targeted for being “too white” or with too many pro-American types, the anti-American conspirators might be preparing a break-in of the area by weakening it of its strongest characters first and then infiltrating it with these hostile players. We should watching for trends in these matters by studying past high trauma areas in terms of public shooting tragedies and the before and after of these areas. We should watch for key hostile players before and after and also what happens to the demographics and other attributes of the area after “improvements” set in. This can include demands for gun control, the placement of blacks and other non-whites into positions of power, a tendency to increase lawsuits from the non-white community against white police, FBI and other security related personnel and so on. The hostile forces might be planning to shift the area so a new set of actors, namely non-white and other anti-American players are in place. This behavior falls under the category of “watch for antics” and “Arabian Nights Effect” seen on this website and River Gold. It has that kind of twisted, hard to pinpoint aspect to it that requires additional sets of lenses to see through the games and calculated agendas. Canary in Coal Mine Whites going, going, gone from an area that previously was either strongly white or had a “good mix” as defined on this website. Jobs being handed over to non-whites. Community college or college/university being increasingly dominated by non-whites and their liberal white cohorts or marriage/sexual partners. Increased grants to non-whites and federally supplemented jobs given to more non-white undergraduate students than white ones. Government jobs in the area increasingly going to non-whites, including even federal post office jobs which should be and technically are open to everyone! Shadow Government A hidden set of criminal courts and fake agents stalking people on a target list, pretending it is “real government and police” business when it is not. A possible high tech remote viewing arena parallel universe issue where things seen in the material “normal” American world have already been actualized in another way. An example is a shooting of a supposed hard core gang member with a past record who actually was turning around his life and was reachable when in Scenario A he was shot apparently for pulling a gun on an office by that officer; in the parallel universe scenario Scenario B, he had already been executed by rebel gangmembers and was already being buried that morning, with services held by key players secretly. All the public sees is Scenario A. This again is part of the watch for antics and Arabian Nights Effect aspect mentioned. People can be giving loans out to the American public apparently through a normal business or govt practice when the players are mafia; they have shadow govt agents who secretly come after people who don’t play the game of repayment back to their satisfaction. They can mix in and out of normal American policing and security agencies, including billing and fraud departments of various corporations, making it hard to identify when you have the real deal. They can confuse normal police and others with demands against a target, trying to make their approach with that target, no matter how strange or harsh, seem authentic or legitimate. This is how things can range into the gangstalking mode. To keep up with this sort of thing takes an unusual amount of energy, drive and focus and it requires especially astute counter- attacks. Only a certain number of people can keep up with the high pace and complexity of these issues. Put your best men and women on the job and don’t even mess with anyone else. Not everyone can deal with this, so face the music and get on with it. Either you mean business with these people or you don’t: do not put low key mundane people on these problems. This is a major national and personal security issue requiring people who can recognize the various meanderings from normal legal protocols. You probably need high level remote viewers and influencers to keep up with this, alongside good hands-on detectives of various kinds. We want a legitimate United States operating throughout the entire country without shadow governments, cartels, gangs and anti-American operatives running everything. One way they are getting in is through finance companies, banks, credit unions and billing/collections/fraud related departments across the board in various companies and corporations. Look for a non- American contingency there. But there are many other arenas to look, as well. You must train your better detectives and agents in the ways of the psychic/psychotronic world. Weed out the people who just get don’t it about the psychic world or never will. Also weed out the ones who show psychological strain after the first rounds of training. Not everyone is up to this and the ones who are not will hold back the others, guaranteed. Get with the program and get real about this, because people around you already are. A Solid No-Nonsense Front Our lives in the USA should not be dictated by people in Africa, China, Russia, Mexico, Latin America, or Islamic countries To fight anti-American contingencies requires a solid front. We cannot waffle or be lukewarm or wishy washy. The USA has already pumped billions of dollars in aid to third world countries to no avail. It is time to start pumping that money into a stronger America. Once you hand over dollars to other countries, you lose control of that money. You cannot trust the money will be handled right, and the aid can be and often is later turned on America. We cannot be the healers, protectors and money bags for the planet. A stronger America will be better able to deal with the terrors abroad. The Wall first, Buffer Zone second or as alternative to wall Consider going ahead and building the wall for national security A Living Buffer Zone, Not a Wall - A Possible Alternative The possibility of a “warp” zone around the southern USA border and Mexico might consider living zones rather than walls in which both countries get something and in which immigrants have a place to stay and develop long-term life skills. It could also be a harbor for training anti-cartel professionals from both countries in cooperation with one another. Mexico would have to match any funds America puts into it. It could be an experimental project. Such a space might also be a bio-zone life ship comparable to some experimented with in Arizona, but one for both Mexicans and Americans to share and grow together as a life zone against cartels. Experiments in agriculture, textiles, artisan functional art and more could supplement small environmentally savvy industry in this life zone. New approaches to handling water sources and such could become exemplary to other low water zones around the world. in addition, new approaches to truly low cost, clean, attractive and highly efficient architecture with strict property upkeep and habitation codes in which the occupants of the buffer zone help develop and build would add life skills to the people and the zone for future generations. The zone would encourage exchange of culture, knowledge, learning and insights on both sides of the border to strengthen the best of common goals and mutual heritage. But it has to be a win-win situation for the USA. The immigrants and Mexico need to learn to stop simultaneously blaming and resenting the USA while also leaning on her as handmaidens to their problems. Growth and support must be mutually sustainable, responsible and respectful. As the USA dignifies this zone, so too must Mexico and other Latin American immigrants dignify the USA. So then this would a new kind of common ground. This biozone would be a corridor on the Mexican side of the border but would be manned by American troops until dangers are known to be over. It would be a buffer against illegal immigrants coming into the USA and also would keep criminals from the USA from gaining easy escape into Mexico. The buffer would span all direct borders between USA and Mexico. In short, it would provide low cost, small but dignifying housing, training, jobs and high tech innovative approaches for the good of the local area with planet- wide applications. No handouts from only the USA and the USA and its peoples must see regular benefit. Whites and non-whites must benefit; this is not just a Hispanic and Latino operation. Whites would have opportunities here, and would be working and gaining benefits here, as well. The operation would need to work under the auspices of the United States military and government as the main group in charge. This should be a self-sustaining enterprise after it is set up and operating, and a profit center with profits going both to Mexico (and any Latin American supporters) and the USA. If it works, there is the possibility of spreading this joint venture operation southward further into Mexico, with the Mexican government’s consent and cooperation of the Mexican people. This would be a way to bring the USA to Mexico and Latin America rather than having the constant problem with illegal aliens coming to the USA. By transforming Mexico one step at a time, we will eliminate cartels and corrupt governments which have plagued Mexico from its inception. Rather than being a USA colonization or take-over, this is a cooperative arrangement between both countries for the transfiguration of a problem state. The transformation would be with the active cooperation of the Mexican people, as well as aliens from other parts of Latin America, and the United States with transparency and communication on both sides. The biozone then could either stay along the border or be part of a plan to spread in small steps southward through Mexico. The cartels won’t like it. Many border crossers come from further afield than Mexico - ie, Honduras, Nicaragua, etc. Many of these “illegal aliens” actually have life skills and personal characteristics which, if channeled appropriately, could make such biozone buffer zones a success. They would be eager to address problems in their home countries and regarding things like cartels, poverty, homelessness, hunger and water and sewer sanitation. We can tap into these potentials in wise ways by directing the energies toward productivity for the good of both the USA and these diverse peoples. It would be a catch-all for immigrants but also a training ground and life support station to further the interests of peoples on both sides of the border. We might consider an American spread from our borders with the affiliation of countries like Mexico. This would be in lieu of wide- ranging aid to countries not connected to our borders, but instead keeps funding and support closer to home so we can keep a better eye on it, and also so we can have citizens who too personally gain from it. So often large amounts of money go to other countries and never gets back to the common man and woman on the ground in the USA.
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